eyelash growth treatments

Understanding Eyelash Growth Treatments and How to Safely and Effectively Grow Eyelashes
Eyelash growth treatments have become extremely popular in the last few years as evident by their appearance and promotion on network television shows, national advertisements, and celebrity endorsements.
However, before we get into how to grow eyelashes, it is vital to understand the development of eyelash growth treatments over the past few years. Like many scientific discoveries, eyelash growth was discovered by accident when doctors noticed that their glaucoma patients were developing longer, thicker eyelashes. Well, as you can guess, the same drugs that were given to glaucoma patients were quickly being sold to consumers for the development of eyelashes and to a lesser extent, eyebrows.
However, the FDA quickly stepped in and forced companies who were selling regulated drugs to consumers to shut down. Thankfully, researchers were able to find ingredients and formulas which produced similar results to the Glaucoma drugs. The eyelash growth products that are available on the market today are not only safe, but they are also highly effective as evident by independent, clinical tests.
eyelash growth treatments
How to Safely and Effectively Grow Eyelashes
The first step you will need to perform is to purchase an eyebrow/eyelash growth product. The best products are typically those that have had their formulas independently and clinically proven to work.
Next, you will want to make sure you clean and dry the desired area of application. This is true for all lash treatments. Then, apply a thin layer to the top layer of the lashes much like you would with a mascara applicator. Some products are also able to be used on the bottom layer of the lashes as well as on the eyebrows.
The most important aspect of the application process is to ensure that you carefully apply the product as you will want to ensure that it does not get into the eyes or run down the facial skin. However, if you have used mascara before, you should feel comfortable with the application process.
In a few weeks, you will notice a substantial difference in the appearance of your lashes and or eyebrows. Once you achieve the desired results, you will want to decrease the frequency of which you apply the growth serum.

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