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Self Tanner For A Beautiful Tan
Who doesn’t love flaunting a lovely looking bronzed skin! However, exposing one’s skin to direct sunlight for long hours may cause photo aging and other skin related issues. Thus one of safest and most effective ways of getting a tan is to invest in a quality self tanner. These products do not necessitate exposure to sunlight to create a tanned look. They provide a very even tan that looks natural by using certain harmless chemicals. One can uphold this sun kissed skin all through the year. A self tanning product can be used in all seasons. These products can offer immediate darkening effect and have numerous advantages. Here are a few of them:
The Tan Looks very Real- The rapid-absorb formulation of these self tanners, ensure that the end result looks and feels perfectly natural. The product is immediately absorbed inside the skin and does not leave patches or streaks. This provides a very smooth and even finish and no one can tell if one has made use of artificial tanning.
Does not Transfer On Clothes- A self tanner does not stain clothes. It is easily absorbed by the skin and does not leave marks on clothes and other accessories such as bags. One does not have to worry about anything with such products.
Airbrush System- This particular method of application of the product is extremely convenient. It is obtainable in the form of airbrush spray, which quickly tans the area on which it’s used. One does not have to carefully rub the self tanner into the skin. Rubbing a tanning lotion with precision takes some practice and the result can be less than perfect for first timers. Airbrushing evenly spreads the appropriate amount of solution on the skin.
face tanner
Mousse Tanner-Mousse form self tanner is also readily available in the market. This lightweight, ultra-velvety mousse can be effortlessly applied onto the skin. It also consists of Aloe Vera that ensures a moisturized skin and a long lasting tan. It is somewhat tinted so it is very easy to find out what all parts have been applied on. Largely, the look is achieved after approximately four hours.
Tanning Accelerators- For those looking these accelerators offer radically dark results. They provide a very intense and a long lasting tan. They can be obtained in an exclusive two-in-one formula.
Products for Face- There are some special products made especially for the face. A Facial Self tanner comprises of botanical extracts, moisturizing properties, anti-aging formula, and other natural ingredients. One may also find skin-polishing goods to improve the effect of the tan. The tan looks brighter with the polishing products.
Like with all the self tanner, experts advise that’s it’s important to exfoliate the skin first to reduce the amount of dead skin cells on the skin surface or even the best tanners may go to waste as the darkened skin will shed off quickly. It’s important to ensure that one carefully reads the instructions inside the kit. If it advises that the lotion has to be spread evenly before rubbing it into the skin, then that’s how one must proceed. Preferably, this should be done without the clothes on. Ensure that the self tanner has dried completely before planning to put on any clothes. Some experts say that fifteen minutes drying time is more than enough. However, it’s important to make sure one washes the hands carefully to keep away from stained palms.

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