fat burners that really work

Do Fat Burners Really Work?

Don’t be tricked into spending your hard-earned money on “fat burner” pills, which claim to do anything from blocking fat and carbs from being absorbed when you eat, to skyrocketing your metabolism so much that you go from puffy and pudgy to lean and ripped in only 12 weeks.
Ads for these pills or capsules are carefully and ingeniously crafted to create the illusion that your dream body comes in a tablet. Really, if it were that easy, gyms would be out of business. These ads try to promote a quick fix to your problems and show fitness models that have supposedly used these pills to get miraculously thin.
fat burners that really work
Though most fat burners tend to have a very slight effect on metabolism, this effect amounts to around 75 calories a day for the average male whose maintenance caloric intake is 2,500 calories a day.
Are you willing to spend a lot of money on these pills, and risk side effects (which include jitteriness, headaches, anxiety and even stroke), just to burn an extra 75 calories a day without doing anything? The extra calories a day are even fewer for women!
There is more to body transformation than burning a few extra calories a day. You still have to work hard at training, and you still have to stick to a very smart diet. Nobody gets a six-pack or buff physique by burning an extra 75 calories a day. Models in fat burner ads are paid and likely don’t even use the product.
Real life testimonials are from people who took the product and trained hard and chucked the junk food. You can get stellar results without caving to misleading advertising!
Quite a few of the makers of these products have been sued by the Federal Trade Commission for their fraudulent advertising, which includes doctoring up the photos depicting alleged body transformation.
Nobody’s saying that fat burners don’t produce a thermogenic effect. They do, but it’s marginal, nothing that will create physique transformation.
Be wary of products that don’t name the amount of ingredient in the name of a “secret proprietary blend,” and that name an assortment of potential side effects.
The bottom line is men and women were getting six-packs and great bods long before fat burners were invented. Why would we suddenly need these now? Yep you guessed it – so that their makers could make themselves a fortune!

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