food to reduce cholesterol

Top 5 Foods That Lower Cholesterol Quickly

There are many ways to get your body’s cholesterol to a safe, healthy level. You don’t just have to take statin prescriptions and other scary medications prescribed by your Doctor to lower it.
Certainly, you should always follow the advice of your Doctor, but if you start adding the foods below to your diet, you will really be amazed at how much healthier, stronger and more alert you feel. And feel free to check with your Doctor before adding the foods below to your diet.
I think you’ll find he will pat you on your back and applaud these choices. Below are listed 5 of the top foods that lower cholesterol quickly that Doctors, Dietitians and Fitness experts alike agree are part of a healthy-heart diet.
1 – Oats and whole grains
A 5 year study on Insulin Resistance Atherosclerosis proved that those of us with diets higher in whole grains have the thinnest, healthiest carotid artery walls, and the lowest incidence rate of hardening of the arteries.
food to reduce cholesterol
2 – Blueberries
This miracle berry appears on almost every health professionals “Top 10 Perfect Foods” list. With incredible antioxidants and health-helpers, blueberries have been shown to be one of the foods that lower cholesterol as effectively as commonly prescribed commercial drugs, and with zero side effects.
3 – Walnuts, Almonds and Pistachios
These particular nuts were shown in a Penn State study, and many others, to effectively lower LDL (bad cholesterol) levels. The Journal of the American College of Cardiology even stated that eating walnuts after a meal high in fat may protect your heart. It is the Omega 3 fats in these nuts that make them one of the top foods that lower cholesterol quickly, and they also reverse any arterial damage.
4 – Avocados, Olive Oil and Olives
A whopping 25 of the roughly 30 grams in an average avocado are heart-loving unsaturated fats that raise up your HDL (good cholesterol) levels. These “good fats” in avocados, olives and olive oil have been shown to protect against and prevent diabetes and heart disease. They are a part of the heart-healthy Mediterranean Diet.
5 – Fish and Fish Oil
The Norwegian University of Science and Technology discovered that people who already had Type 2 Diabetes lowered their cholesterol levels significantly with the addition of fish or fish oil to their daily diets. Fish and fish oil are also one of the foods that lower cholesterol that also help mental health and skin health, as well as having a host of other health benefits.
Just about everyone can find something on this list to add to their diet, regardless of taste and preference. I personally make a shake with the blueberries and some yogurt (another of the many wonderful foods that lower cholesterol), and take a daily dietary supplement of fish oil.
However you do it, make sure you add some of the amazing foods that lower cholesterol above to your diet, and you will feel healthier and stronger before you know it.

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