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Is a Low-fat Diet For You
Are the low-fat recipes, recipes that will be enticing enough to help you stick to your diet?
For years, nutritionists, doctors and dieticians have recommended low fat diets that will lower the risk of heart disease, lower cholesterol, and obesity. With Americans getting fatter and fatter every year, our health care system is going to be overwhelmed with patients that have diseases exacerbated by obesity.
Low fat diets do not have to be a chore. In fact there are websites that provide a variety of recipes that would entice even the pickiest food eaters. Not only are there websites, there are many tricks that can make your favorite recipes low fat. With the benefits of a low fat diet, you can lose weight and lower your risk for heart disease and high blood pressure.
There are many ways to gradually turn your recipes into low fat recipes. Start using nonstick cooking spray instead of oil when cooking. If you want to use oil, use canola or olive oil. You can choose leaner cuts of meat. I would recommend removing the skin on poultry because it can double your calories and fat. You should also trim the fat from all your meat.
free low fat diet
You should find that broiling, grilling, and baking will lower the fat content rather than frying them. When you are done cooking your meat, always drain and blot any excess fat. You can also try to use vegetables and beans to decrease your meat content in meatloaf and chili.
Try to bread your meat with cracker crumbs or bread crumbs instead of batter. I like Shake n Bake. I have even found a recipe for homemade seasoning that is somewhat similar to it. You can also eliminate fat by substituting turkey sausage for beef or pork sausage.
To cut down on fat in mashed potatoes, try using fat free chicken broth. You can use fat free evaporated milk to use as a soup base for cream soup or in other casserole dishes that call for milk. I have used it in mashed potatoes also. Try to oven fry potatoes to cut the fat in half.
Want to enhance the flavor of your food, try using herbs and spices. There are also many different salsas that you can use. I also recommend using a lower fat cheese in any recipe. When a recipe calls for sour cream or yogurt, use the fat free kind. Try to use fat free cream cheese when you make cheesecake or spreading it on bagels.
I also have used applesauce in cake mixes instead of oil to lower the fat content. You can also do this with nonfat yogurt or low fat buttermilk. The ways to cut the fat in your recipes are easy. There are so many ways to do this.
The best way to enjoy a low-fat diet to lose weight is to follow easy cooking tips. You don’t have to sacrifice flavor or miss out on you favorite foods just because the recipe is low fat.

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