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Free Stop Smoking Aids That Work!

If you have made the decision to finally quit the tobacco habit, congratulations! Without doubt cigarette smoking is a killer and a great danger to health. Did you know that there are some free stop smoking aids that you can apply to your cessation of smoking program and that work nevertheless?
free quit smoking
1. First, be resolute about your desire and your reasons for quitting.

2. See yourself as a picture of recovered health with no more coughs, colds, wheezes , shortness of breath and other conditions that come with smoking.

3. Concentrate consciously on deep breathing in and out and enjoying clean air every time you get the urge to smoke.
4. Clean out your house of anything cigarette- related. This will strongly support your effort at ‘cleaning out ‘ your body and lungs of anything cigarette- related.

5. Drink plenty of water. Replace the cigarette with a glass of water, especially when you feel the craving. Flush out the system, drink water.
6. Exercise is good for the body and will keep your mind away from the habit and on better health.
7. Save the money you would have spent on that pack in a jar. You will be surprised not at just how much it adds up to, but also what better uses you can put it into.
8. Pop some sugar-free mint or gum into your mouth and enjoy some refreshing change of breath. This can be a source of great encouragement.
9. If your friends are smokers, try hanging out with non-smokers or ex-smokers now. They could be a great inspiration and they will not tempt you to smoke.
10. Avoid places where there is smoking especially when you initially stop. Taking a walk in the park is a better alternative than meeting a friend in a smoke-filled barroom.
These are all free stop smoking aids and very useful. However the best tip is , once you stop, don’t start again. Stay determined.
Many people think that you need expensive quit smoking aids to stop smoking. However there are many free stop smoking aids that can be applied which are very useful. Visit smoking facts and learn the many ways you can quit cigarettes and stay stopped.

free quit smoking

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