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For Fresh Breath Try Colon Cleansing

It is a fact that poor digestion can cause bad breath. If you are suffering from bad breath, you are not alone since 85% of people suffer from it at some time or another. Many people, because of poor diets and bad eating habits suffer from Halitosis – the medical name for bad breath. Let’s take a look at how bad breath happens and how to correct it.

If your diet is poor, too much fast food, fried or onion rich foods, you may not have enough digestive enzymes to properly digest your food. When improper digestion is at play, bad breath will result. Bad breath is an indication that the normal bacteria levels for your digestive system are low. Toxins are building up in your digestive tract. Every organ in your body can be affected causing not only bad breath but facial breakouts, sallow skin, joint aches, and sluggishness.
Every time you eat, food is broken down in your mouth. These foods are digested and absorbed by your body into the bloodstream, carried through your lungs and given off in your breath. As we age, we produce fewer gastric juices and digestive enzymes. With lack of proper digestion can come a variety of problems including:
* Problems absorbing vitamins and nutrients
* Headaches
* Dullness
* An irritated digestive tract
* IBS or irritable bowel syndrome
* Hemorrhoids
* Spastic colon
* Bad breath
* Body odor
* Bloating and gas
Clearly having clean breath is not only important socially but for your health, since bad breath is a sign of health problems.
fresh colon cleanser
* Practice good oral hygiene. Brush teeth (and tongue) and floss at least twice daily.
* See your dentist every six months for a cleaning and checkup.
* Don’t smoke – a big cause of foul breath.
* Ask your doctor about medications you are taking that may create mouth odors.
* Get more fiber in your diet. Congestion in your digestive track and colon will cause a putrefied digestive track which in turn causes halitosis.
* Drink more water to flush the toxins from your system.
* Use a natural colon cleansing supplement to clean your digestive track and colon.
A colon detoxification removes toxin build up from the colon and digestive track, flushing away impurities. How does this congestion in the colon occur? Like many
other Americans your diet may be rich in processed foods like white bread, rice and pasta. Maybe you are a junk food junkie eating lots of sweets, candy and cakes.
Are you eating fast food and fried foods several times a week? Is your diet lacking the proper number of daily servings for fresh fruits and vegetables? Do you drink
8 glasses of water a day or are you loading up on sugary drinks like soda and sugary ice teas and coffees? All these things and more are contributors to clogging your colon.
While there are other factors that may cause bad breath like:
* Dental problems – cavities and such
* Sinus or throat infections
* Alcohol – dries out the mouth
* Stress – affects the digestive system
* Dieting – affects the digestive system
* Dehydration can causeconstipationand digestive problems
* Medical conditions like diabetes or kidney and liver malfunction
* Eating foul smelling foods such as garlic, onions and certain spices
* Milk intolerance
* Constipation – may cause gas which exits the mouth
A common denominator in many of the above is digestion. Poor digestion means undigested food will pass into the intestines and putrefy, thus producing foul gas that may rise up and cause bad breath. As we get older this becomes more common. Digestion commences in the mouth. Your saliva has enzymes which initiate the digestion process. Likewise the types of food we eat can affect the chemistry in our mouth. Mouth bacteria react with the residue from decaying food and drink which can be the source of foul odor and halitosis.
The types of foods you eat impact your every breath. A high-fat/high-protein diet may not digest well and give off gas. However, a high-fiber diet emphasizing whole grains and fruits and vegetables is vital for optimum digestion. Detoxification of your intestines is a very important step to take since many health troubles are caused by poor bowel function and digestive problems.
Using a colon cleanser will not only improve colon and digestive health, however, it will yield fresher smelling breath as well. Cleaning out the impurities in your digestive track will yield the following relief:
* Relieves constipation
* Helps restore intestinal flora
* Contains dietary fiber and herbs that aid the digestive process.

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