get rid of hair fall

get rid of hair fall
Hair loss is caused by number of reasons and that are medications, lack of protein, stress and iron deficiency. The average person loses somewhere between 50 and 125 strands of hair each day as a normal part of “hair shedding.” These hair are replaced by new hairs quickly.
There are number of methods that can prove helpful in preventing hair fall. There are varieties of shampoos present in market but they are high in chemicals
The home treatment of hair fall includes hair care techniques. These techniques can help you to cover the thinning and bald patches on head. Some of the effective methods that can help to get rid of hair fall are mentioned below.
get rid of hair fall
Get rid of hair fall
If you want to prevent hair fall problem you should follow some simple standard of livings, medications and environment as this can prove helpful to prevent stress and hair fall. Sometimes dust and unhygienic conditions can lead to hair fall, so you should wash you hair regularly with a gentle and mild shampoo.
A sufficient intake of raw vegetables, fresh fruits, green leafy vegetables and salads can prove helpful in growth of hairs. You should also include fish and eggs in your daily diet chart. This is also good for the prevention of hair fall.
You should avoid the permanent hair wave solutions as this may give way to loss of hairs or baldness. Ironing and uses of hair dyers proved bad for the hair. Avoid using these type of methods to your hairs. Vitamins are good for the growth of hair; you should sufficient amount of vitamin B as it is crucial to healthy production and also new cell generation.
You can use some home remedies, as it may prove helpful if you want to get rid of hair fall. Take a spoon of lemon juice and mix it with vinegar. If you massage your scalp with the mixture, it will prove good. After massage you can wash your hair with a shampoo that contains egg. This is an effective remedy that can prove helpful for prevention of hair fall.

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