getting rid of cold sores

Getting Rid of Cold Sores – How Can I Eliminate My Cold Sore?

Getting rid of cold sores can be easy if you are using the following remedies.
There are many commercial products for getting rid of cold sores. The herpes virus soon becomes immune to the prescription medicines. The over-the-counter cold sore remedies are great for comfort. They reduce the pain and discomfort with soothing and nerve-deadening ingredients. But, in spite of some wild claims, they will not shorten the duration by any reasonable degree.
The herpes simplex virus, type 1 or 2, causes your cold sores. Normally it remains dormant most of the time, for most people. It becomes active for only one reason – to create new offspring. It cannot create new virus on its own. It actually takes control and forces your cells to create the virus particles. At the end, your cells swell up and then burst to release them. Your sore is the result of the destruction of thousands of surface cells.
Here are some steps you can take to hinder or stop this process.
1. Cold therapy often stops, or at least discourages, the virus from replicating. Normally you will get an early warning like an itching or tingling sensation at the target area. The quicker you react the better the results.
You can use ice in a plastic bag or any frozen or cold object, such as a can of soda. Just hold it to the area for 10 to 15 minutes at a time. You will often stop the herpes virus dead in its tracks. If not stopped, it will surely delay the sore and reduce the severity.
getting rid of cold sores
Ice is also very effective for reducing discomfort and swelling. It is much more effective, in fact, than the store-bought remedies for getting rid of cold sores. However, ice is not always convenient. In those cases, an over-the-counter remedy that contains pain relief ingredients such as lidocaine is quite useful.
2. You should apply healing and anti-viral oils from the earliest indication until thoroughly resolved. Four very popular oils are garlic oil, oregano oil, extra virgin olive oil and tea tree oil. These oils soak in and stay on for hours, giving you long lasting help. They are very effective against this herpes virus.
You can (as many folks do) create your own recipe for success by combining two or more of these oils in advance. My personal recipe is 50% garlic oil, 20% oregano oil, 20% olive oil and 10% tea tree oil. Some folks like to keep the tea tree oil separate and put over the top of the others. You be the judge as to what works best for you.
The reason I like using garlic oil as the main ingredient is because it has the amazing ability to pass through the skin barrier directly to the infection. In the mixture above, it would also carry the other oils with it, for a triple attack.
3. If your sore advances to the point of breaking open and scabbing over, quit the cold therapy and apply heat therapy. Cold is best for stopping or slowing the virus activity. However, once it breaks open the damage is done and you enter the healing phase. Cold slows down healing, heat speeds it up.
The easiest and most effective way of applying heat is with warm, wet tea bags. Only use as warm as you can easily tolerate. Burning yourself will cause worse problems. Boil some water on the stove or in the microwave, and use this to prepare the bag.
The real bonus for you here is that tea contains certain nutrients that really add anti-viral and healing properties to your sore. Black or herbal tea work equally well, but tea with mint or lemon balm seems to provide better, quicker results. Throw each bag away after one use.
There you have it. From beginning to end, you now have an effective and proven plan for getting rid of cold sores. Of course, it is very important to continually cleanse and sanitize the sore area using alcohol or peroxide. This helps greatly in speeding the healing process and reducing the risk of a new infection site.
There are several other great cold sore remedies you can be using for prevention and healing, but these are very popular. They are simple, easy, cheap and very effective. Yes, it is not fun, and the timing is usually not right, but there are those times when we all can use some help in getting rid of cold sores.

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