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Chest Hair Removal
Chest hair removal is widely practiced these days by all beauty-conscious people. Removal of hair makes chest look clean with clearly visible muscles. That is why chest hair removal is mandatory for those engaged in bodybuilding and modeling fields. Many women also practice chest hair removal, which makes their skin more attractive.
hair chest removal
There are many methods available for chest hair removal, which include shaving, waxing, hair removal creams, and laser and electrolysis methods. The first three are do-it-yourself methods for home use, and they are short term hair removals. The last two are salon methods, practiced only by trained professionals. They offer permanent hair removal. If the hair is too long, cut your hair using a scissor or hair trimmer before practicing any method.
Shaving is a fast, least expensive and most popular method of chest hair removal. But it lasts only for a few days, usually 2 to 4 days, and can cause cuts and irritation. Before shaving, always keep the skin and hair moist, and apply shaving cream at least 3 minutes before shaving. Use only sharp new blade and stock multiple blades. Shave slowly without applying much pressure. Shave down first, then up. Do not shave an area more than twice.
Waxing is another method widely practiced for chest hair removal. It is better than shaving. Waxing can provide more lasting effects. A number of chest hair removal waxers are available in the market. Another alternative to waxing, known as sugaring, is also practiced widely.
Nipple area is highly sensitive with lot of nerves, thus closely tweeze the hair with tweezers. Do not shave or wax this area. Tweezers and epilators are not commonly used for the rest of the chest area. Since they remove hair individually, it will take a longer time to complete one session, and they often need the assistance of another person.
Yet another widely practiced method is the use of chest hair removal or depilatory creams. These creams dissolve the hair protein making the hair fit to be wiped or washed off the skin. They are comparatively inexpensive and easier to use. But the effect never lasts long.
Laser chest hair removal is a comparatively new technique. It is quick and it offers permanent hair removal. But it requires multiple sessions in one or two week interval and is very expensive.

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