hair fall causes in men

Are You Aware Of The Causes Of Hair Loss In Young Men
What are the different causes of hair loss in young men? It’s normal to lose 50 to 100 hairs a day. Don’t worry about a few hairs in your sink or on your pillow. If your hair loss is extreme you probably have likely wondered, “what causes the hair loss that I experience am I going bald?”
hair fall causes in men
The most likely cause is something you can’t do anything about, and that is male pattern baldness. About 20 percent of white men in the United States experience some characteristics of male pattern hair loss by the time they are 20. By the time they are 50, half of them will experience some male pattern hair loss. It’s purely genetic, so if your hair starts thinning, you are more than likely to carry the male pattern baldness gene.
If the male members of your family are bald, you have a greater chance of having the gene. Look at your male relatives if you are wondering if you have the gene for hair loss.
With some people, the causes of hair loss in young men are unknown. Some young men lose hair early in life without any family history of male pattern balding. Genetics may or may not be involved. Often men with male pattern baldness just “deal with it”, and don’t even consult with a physician.
When trying to find the right solutions to causes of hair loss in young men, one must ponder on what is the best treatment for each cause? How has science linked all of the causes together or have they? The truth is a way to prevent the cause has not been found.
You can combat the hair loss in several ways. Results vary from person to person. You can try shampoos and rubs. You could try transplants or plugs. Some even resort to a more radical solution shaving the head. A very short haircut also limits the appearance of male pattern baldness.
There are several methods available once the hair loss starts. Evaluate your options carefully. Some may work, while others may be a waste of money. Take the time to sort through your options and you’ll find the best treatment for your situation.

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