hair laser removal cost

Laser Hair Removal Cost
Laser hair removal is currently licensed in the US as a method of permanent hair reduction.
When compared with other hair removal methods, laser treatment offers a much longer term solution. Shaving generally needs to be redone daily, chemical creams need to be used at least weekly, and waxing lasts on average four to six weeks depending on the patient. By contrast, lasers offer permanent hair reduction, and with regular top up treatments can provide to all intents and purposes a permanent solution for removing unwanted hair. Most people understand that there are advantages of using lasers when compared with other hair removal methods. However, many of them are still put off by the perceived laser hair removal cost issues.
hair laser removal cost
One of the problems with quantifying the cost of laser treatment is that it is impossible to predict with any degree of accuracy exactly how many treatments a particular patient might need. This means that in clinics where the cost is based on a per treatment basis the total cost of treatment is almost impossible to predict. Clinics can go no further than to offer an estimate of the number of treatments based on the patients hair and skin colors. In general patients with lighter skin and darker hair will require less treatments to achieve a satisfactory result.
Some clinics overcome this uncertainty by offering a total cost for hair removal. The initial price therefore includes as many treatments as are needed to achieve a result that the client is happy with. In general though, this benefits patients who are darker skinned or lighter haired and for whom treatment might otherwise be prohibitively expensive. For patients with a more optimal hair and skin color combination this costing model often makes treatment more expensive than it might otherwise have been. What this cost method does do though is offer certainty to the patient about the costs involved.
Laser hair removal is certainly more expensive than the other removal methods previously mentioned on a per treatment basis. However, due to the permanence of the treatment, laser treatment is almost certainly less expensive than the other methods in the longer term. This is because laser treatment requires on average six to eight treatments to be effective, whereas waxing or similar treatments have very little long term effect and thus need to be repeated up to thirteen times a year for life.
When these additional costs are added up over the long term it becomes obvious that laser treatment is actually a less expensive option than other hair removal methods, despite the initial higher cost of treatment.

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