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Hair Loss Treatment Reviews – Provillus Hair Loss Review
Traditionally if I were to do hair loss treatment reviews I would have to be discussing something along the lines of transplant surgery or medication of some sort, because lets face it there was little other option when it came to combating hair loss. Fortunately Provillus is now on the scene and gives a natural alternative to treating baldness. But, before we get stuck in to the hair loss review of why Provillus works, we first need to get an understanding of how hair loss occurs.
The main cause of hair loss in men is male pattern baldness; this is a genetic condition and is caused when testosterone mixes with 5 alpha reductase which is an enzyme in your body. This has now created a new hormone called DHT, and if you have the genes that allow it to, this DHT will now be able to attach to a follicle and thin it out until it no longer produces hair. Provillus claims to go after this DHT in a two pronged attack.
hair loss reviews
The first stage is to take a tablet that includes vitamins, minerals and herbs designed to interfere with the production of DHT and also boost hair growth. To reduce the DHT production it uses nettle root which is known to mop up testosterone in the blood and also zinc and saw palmetto which are both known for the way they can inhibit the production of 5 alpha reductase in the body. Then to boost hair growth it contains vitamin B6 which metabolizes protein, and this is important because your hair is made of protein, and it also contains biotin. Biotin is particularly important for hair growth and is often recommended by dermatologists to help people suffering from hair loss.
Of course there is still going to be some DHT produced and this is where stage 2 comes in. Stage 2 is to apply minoxidil topically to the scalp; in case you have not heard of minoxidil, it was being used as an oral treatment for another condition and it was discovered that it had a side effect of encouraging hair growth. Since then it has been taken and turned into a treatment that is applied topically to the scalp and is having excellent results, so much so that it is even approved by the FDA. No-one seems to be 100% certain why minoxidil is so effective but it is believed that it catches the DHT before it reaches the follicles and also improves circulation in the scalp which is necessary for hair growth.
If you want this treatment to work for you then there are two things you need to take into consideration. The first one is that if you apply it before bed one night you are not going to wake up in the morning with a full head of hair; it takes time to lose it and it will take a little bit of time for you to start getting results. Also if you only have a horseshoe of hair on your head and are totally bald on the scalp, then it is highly likely that this treatment will not work for you. That said though, Provillus are very confident in their product and offer an excellent money back guarantee.

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