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Knowing More About Laser Hair Removing Therapy
With common people getting fonder of Hollywood style, their dressing trends also has changed remarkably. Sporting hot pants, skirts and off shoulder dresses has become the choice of one and all. However, dressing in Hollywood style also demands the Hollywood smooth hair free skin to bring in the real affect. In addition to this, growing awareness on personal hygiene is another factor that has made hair removal a must and uncompromised part of the beauty regime of both women and men. In relation to the word” Hair Removal”, Laser therapy is the most hyped word, with more and more people availing these services. Yet there are many, who are still speculative of the safety of this treatment; many are scared of the possible pain, resulting pigmentation and others. To rightly set the misconception of such people, this article emphasis on certain important facts of this laser therapy.
hair remover
How Laser Hair Removal Therapy Works?
To go by documented truths: since 1995, when laser hair removal therapy got acceptance as a safe method, more than a million people have taken the advantage of it. Such a bigger figure justifies the safety and wide acceptance of the Laser therapy for hair removing. Laser hair machines primarily works on the principle of selective photothermolysis (SPTL). This phenomenon selectively damages selective dark target matter (melanin) in the area, which causes hair growth (follicle), without heating the rest of the skin.
The target area is focused with High intensity laser light beams. These destroy the hair follicle of the hair roots, which control the re-growth of the hair. Further, these beams destroy only the target matter (melanin), without causing any pigmentation or harm to the light skin. Without hair, the skin also appears smooth and fair. Theses therapy is more benefiting to light skinned person. Laser treatment can remove only dark color thick hair, so it’s useless to go for it if you have grey thin hair.
Where To Get Laser Hair Removing?
This can be best done in reputed dermatological clinics, where the treatment is done by trained professionals. This treatment can be used to remove hair from hands, legs, chin, upper lips and other sensitive areas such as under arms, pubic area called the “bikini line”. However, now days laser hair removal kits have also got launched into the market. Many opt for these as well. But yet it is recommended that it is not safe to experiment with home kits, and a reputed dermatological clinic is the right place to get the treatment. There are many clinic across the country, lead by well trained professionals. They use laser removals as per your skin type and texture, and also conduct skin test prior to the procedure to ensure the capacity of your skin to take up the beams. Not every laser machine is meant for all types of skin. All a good clinic, one can get confirmed of the use of right kind of machine. No anesthesia is applied before the procedure; just a special gel is used if laser hair is to be removed from sensitive areas like genitals, under arm, upper lip, etc.

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