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Sacred Heart Diet Reviews

Another popular fad diet is the Sacred Heart Diet. The diet was thought to originate at Sacred Heart Memorial Hospital, where it was normally used for overweight patients who had heart problems. However, many other Sacred Heart Diet reviews state that this is a myth. Read on to know more!
The Sacred Heart Diet is also known as a few other names; for example, Spokane Heart Diet, Miami Heart Institute Diet, Cleveland Clinic Diet, and lastly the Sacred Heart Memorial Hospital Diet. None of these hospitals claim any affiliation to this diet.
The Sacred Heart Diet is basically a soup diet that is very similar to the cabbage soup diet. It claims that most people will lose anywhere from 10 pounds to 17 pounds during the first week on the diet. According to user reviews, people generally do lose a moderate amount of weight the first week, however, this is mostly water weight. The heavier the person is, the more weight will also be lost.
The Sacred Heart Diet can also be considered a calorie controlled diet. There is a significant reduction in calories compared to the normal person’s amount eaten because the diet focuses on eating vegetables and fruit. It isn’t nutritionally sound in the long haul. You would need to add more whole foods to the diet to get nutrients you would otherwise lack.
The Sacred Heart Diet lasts 7 days. On each day you are to eat certain things. Some users of the diet have other variations, but the key is to focus on fruits, and soups made with vegetables.
heart diet
On Day 1 – You can have any fruit except bananas. Only eat fruit and soup this day.
On Day 2 – You can eat all vegetables. These can be cooked, canned, or raw. Try to stay away from starchy vegetables (such as corn and potatoes) and try to eat as many leafy greens as you can (kale, lettuce, romaine etc).
On Day 3 – You can eat all the veggie soup and fruit you want, but stay away from starchy vegetables such as potatoes.
On Day 4 – On this day the focus is potassium. You need to eat at least 3 bananas on this day and drink milk, along with soup.
On Day 5 – On this day you can eat beef. Have no more than 20 oz of beef throughout the day. This will be eaten with tomatoes, no more than six. Have the normal soup at least once on this day
On Day 6 – You can eat as much beef and vegetables as you like. Eat no starchy vegetables and try to incorporate leafy greens into your diet today. Make sure to have the soup once on this day at least.
On Day 7 – You are to eat fruits that are unsweetened, vegetables, soup, and brown rice until you’re satisfied.
The liquids allowed on the diet are: tea, coffee, skim milk, water, and juice that’s not sweetened.
The recipe for the soup is as follows:
2 Green Peppers
2 lbs of Carrots
2 cans of green beans
1 bunch of celery
1 to 2 cans of stewed tomatoes
3 or more large green onions
1 can of beef broth (with no fat)
The idea is to make a big batch of the soup and eat it throughout the day when you’re hungry. You can season your soup with salt, parsley, pepper, buouillons, or even Worcestershire sauce. After you cut up and mix the ingredients together, simply boil for 10 minutes. Then reduce the heat and cook until your vegetables are a bit tender.

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