herbal acne treatments

Herbal Acne Treatments

A natural acne cure or acne remedy is something that many people worldwide search for. Acne is one of those elusive skin care problems. It is very difficult to control for many people. It is most often associated with teenagers, but in reality, it affects a much larger group of individuals. Infants can suffer from acne related problems. Adults can as well. In fact, for many adults, the struggles of battling acne are a lifelong task.
Acne is problematic for many reasons.
It can be painful. Sometimes large cysts can develop which are painful and create a lot of discomfort for the acne sufferer. In addition, open scabs from acne pimples that have burst also create discomfort. This situation makes cleansing and treatment painful due to the constant stinging when cleansing and treatment products enter open sores.
Acne can be disfiguring. Acne on the skin, whether on the face or body, affects the appearance of individuals. It masks the beauty of the skin and of the individual. It gives the appearance that an individual is unhealthy or perhaps unclean.
In addition, to the immediate impact that acne has on appearance, acne can also produce negative effects into the future. In particular, is the issue of acne scarring. Scars caused by acne can be lifelong and quite disfiguring. Recommendations for the elimination of these scars usually involve the use of harsh procedures such as microdermabrasion, dermabrasion, chemical peels, etc.
Finally, acne elevates stress and anxiety in individuals due to the factors mentioned above and this can lead to overall poor health and low self-esteem and self-confidence.
herbal acne treatments
In terms of acne treatments, there are many. Numerous over the counter products exist, some good and some bad. There are many prescription type treatments available as well and various multistep programs. For some people these products can work. For most, experimentation is necessary with various different treatments and products to find what works well for them.
Many people are frustrated with the above type products and therefore search for an alternative. That alternative is a natural acne cure.
There are many single herbs which help with acne for adults and teenagers. Some herbal combinations are designed specifically to help with female or male hormonal imbalances. When taking hormonal herbal remedies, some people find this clears up several problems at once.
For example, there are several herbs which work together wonderfully for correcting hormonal imbalances in women. These herbs work on internal problems, with the end results being reduced menstrual cramps, regulated menstrual flow, and improved skin conditions such as acne.
Lobelia helps encourage the flow of oxygenized blood, which in turn helps remove obstructions, congestion, and toxins.
Ginger helps to cleanse the kidneys and bowels, removes excess toxins from the body, and stimulates circulation.
Other excellent herbs to use for female hormonal problems include red raspberry, black cohosh, marshmallow, and kelp.
Kelp is an excellent single herb to take for a variety of problems, as it’s a potent source of many vitamins and minerals. In fact, it’s very much like an all natural multivitamin, and this can help restore the balance of vitamins and minerals in your body, which in turn will help clear up the acne and related health problems.
Going on any good cleansing or detoxifying diet will help clear up the acne too, but remember it can sometimes get worse before it gets better — as your body starts pushing toxins out faster once you start a cleanse.
A good herbal face wash option is chickweed tea. Dissolve chickweed capsules in warm water, then bathe the face with it and rinse. Chickweed is also wonderful to use as a bath soak for other sores, rashes, boils, and burns.

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