herbal sleep aide

Guide to Five Natural Herbal Sleep Aides
Are you having trouble sleeping at night – tossing and turning, wishing you could just fall asleep? It is mentally painful to lie in bed, knowing you are not going to get enough sleep again tonight, even though you ARE tired.
If you’re looking for a natural cure, herbal sleep aides may be your answer. They offer many advantages over chemical based sleep aides. Herbal sleep aides avoid the risk of addiction. And you won’t need to worry about harmful drug interactions.
herbal sleep aide
Here are five of the more popular herbal sleep aides:
Chamomile: one of nature’s finest sleep aides. It is often found in tea. It is known for its ability to induce a sense of calm and relaxation. It can be taken with no reason to worry about dependency. As an added bonus, it has anti-inflammatory properties and even calms stomach upset too!
Valerian: this sleep aide actually comes from the root of the perennial valerian. People who take valerian claim they feel less nervous and have less anxiety, resulting in better rest at night.
Lavendar: you’ll know this as the purple flower that smells like spring. Use it as a room freshener before you go to bed. Laundry softeners often are scented with lavender. Bath oils are made with lavender oils. The scent is the calming effect with this one.
Lemon Balm: This aromatic plant is one of my favorites… and in an odd way. My “Burt’s Bees” cuticle cream that I use every night right before bed has lemon balm. Double duty – a sleep aide and pretty nails all in one application! Seriously, lemon balm can be found in tea and also in pill form.
The Passion Flower: used by the ancient Aztecs to induce sleep. It helps relax the mind and body. It can be ingested in pill form or in tea.

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