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Is Home Colonic Cleansing Practical?

Colonic hydrotherapy is a treatment administered by a licensed professional. The process starts when a rubber tube is inserted into your rectum. Pressurized water is flushed through the tube into your colon. As a result, waste is purged from your colon out through the tube. While you are performing a colonic, one is typically seated into a tub like structure unclothed from the waist down. You are able to watch as the contents flush out of your colon through the tube, although some people choose not to.
A colonic is a great way to accomplish colon cleansing. However, it may not be for everyone. If you would rather perform a colon flushing from the comfort of your own home without the assistance of a professional, you may be a candidate for a home colonic. The home colonic cleanse is a simple procedure that can be performed in various ways.
home colonic
The simplest method is to change your diet to one that supports detoxification. A more intensive method would involve performing a home colonic irrigation. Both of these methods will deliver results. However, supporting your colon through diet is a more long-term, proactive approach, while the home colonic irrigation offers a deeper, more immediate cleansing.
A detoxification diet that would support cleansing would be one that does not include processed foods, refined sugars or white flours. Fresh fruits and vegetables should comprise the majority of your caloric intake. This will provide your system with plenty of fiber which will aid in moving things out of your body. This process can take several weeks to complete but is the healthiest option for long term vitality. As a result you will notice improvements to you skin and experience weight loss.
For faster results, try a home enema kit which can be found in any pharmacy. As with a professional colonic, the basic premise is the same. Water is flushed through your colon in order to elicit the purging of fecal matter. However, an enema is not as intensive as a professional colonic. In fact, six enemas are required to reach the same level of cleansing as one colonic hydrotherapy treatment.
Home colonics are an important way to keep our systems cleansed and detoxified. Choose the method that is right for you. Whether you choose to modify your diet for long term success or you prefer the quicker more intense method of multiple enemas, you will accomplish cleansing.
For a more intensive cleansing, contact a colonic hydrotherapist. If you are unsure of how to proceed, consult with a qualified physician who can guide you in the right direction.

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