home remedies for brightening skin

Commercially Developed and Homemade Skin Whitening Remedies

In today’s modern world aesthetic appearance has become more important than in the previous decades and there is an increasing pressure on everyone to have even toned, healthy skin. Many people are looking for ways to cover up or fade their age spots and – although most of us believe that dark skin is beautiful when healthy, – there are countless people who bleach their naturally dark skin, including celebrities.
Commercial Skin Whitening Products
Natural products containing plant extracts, available in pharmacies and cosmetic stores have become increasingly popular because they typically do not contain harsh and often dangerous chemicals, such as hydroquinone, which is known to have the potential to cause long term damage to your skin and your health. This ingredient has in fact contributed to the development of cancer in several users and today it is therefore banned in many countries.
home remedies for brightening skin
Whenever you desire to whiten your skin, health and safety comes above all. There isn’t a product, which you can use for the short term and will produce long term skin whitening effects. This means that if you desire a lighter skin tone for the long term, you will need to regularly use skin bleaching products for the long term. Therefore before you start to use a commercial product, you will need to become a smart label reader and make sure that it does not contain any dangerous compounds or harsh chemicals that can damage your health.
Homemade Skin Whitening Remedies
Homemade remedies are your safest as well as most cost effective option when it comes to skin bleaching. These remedies contain safe-to-use, purely natural ingredients, such as fresh fruits and vegetables, milk, almonds or papaya, licorice or bearberry extract.
When you prepare your own homemade skin whitening remedies you will always know what they contain, not to mention the fact that they are more potent, since the ingredients are used in their fresh, natural forms, containing more nutrients and active ingredients relevant for skin whitening.
Homemade Papaya Mask
Papaya contains a natural enzyme known as papain. This enzyme is often the primary ingredient in skin bleaching soaps, masks, moisturizers, body washes and shower gels. This is in fact one of the most commonly used and popular ingredients in Asia where millions of naturally darker skinned people regularly use skin whitening treatments.
Mash a papaya and simply use it as a facial mask. You can add ground almonds or licorice extract to it to increase the mask’s positive effects. This mask is completely safe to use and you can even use it daily. In fact, when used on a daily basis, you can start expecting results within 2 weeks of use, which can be maintained with twice weekly use afterwards.

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