home remedies for nail fungus

Home Remedies For Nail Fungus Treatment
Home remedies for nail fungus can work just as well as those expensive medications, and do not cause any side effects. Home remedies are much more convenient, they cost far less, there are no dangerous side effects, and they can actually cure the nail fungus infection. Nail fungus can become a serious problem if not treated, so make sure you start using home remedies as soon as possible after you notice an infection starting in your nail area. Wheat germ oil can help, but you have to soak your nails in it for at least ten minutes twice a day. This will help reduce the infection and help healthy nails grow out. This method may take some time, because your nails have a slow growth rate, but it is effective.
home remedies for nail fungus
One home remedy that works well for nail fungus is Listerine. This solution kills all microorganisms, including fungus. After taking a long hot soak, pour enough Listerine in a bowl or pan to cover your feet. Now soak your feet and nails in the Listerine for at least ten minutes. The Listerine can get in small areas and kill of the fungus causing the infection. This home remedy also works well for Athlete’s foot as well. Another great home remedy is Eucalyptus oil. Take some of this oil and apply lavishly on your nails, using a cotton ball or Q-tip. This natural oil works as a natural anti-fungal solution, killing the fungus in every place it touches. Another remedy may sound unusual, but it has proven to work if you can stand the smell and the looks you may get from others. Put fresh peeled garlic cloves in the toes of your shoes, and wear them all day long. Garlic also kills the fungus, and this is an option when you can not leave your feet open to the air. No matter which home remedies you use, you can cure a nail fungus infection, usually better than using drugs and creams. Let your feet stay in the open as much as possible, so that they stay dry. Wear cotton socks so that any moisture is absorbed instantly, and this will help prevent fungal infections from becoming worse.

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