home remedies for skin brightening

Skin Lightening Home Remedies – How to Lighten and Brighten Your Skin at Home

Skin lightening has always been a way for people to simplify their beauty routine. By lightening your skin, you get rid of imperfections that would otherwise require globs of concealer, primer, foundation, and other makeup to hide the flaws. Skin lightening is useful in removing hyperpigmentations caused by the sun or hormones, freckles, age spots, acne scars, melasma, scars, and just about any other discoloration you could have. While some people opt for expensive laser treatments, it is often just as effective to use a natural method to lighten your skin.
home remedies for skin brightening
To begin, you should start with fresh, clean skin. Wash your skin using a gentle, exfoliating cleanser. It is important that you cleanse and exfoliate in order to bring fresh new skin cells to the surface. After you have washed your skin, gently pat dry with a clean towel. There are certain fruits and vegetables which have lightening properties. Lemon juice is one in particular that has been found to lighten skin. Squeeze fresh lemon juice onto a cotton ball and rub onto areas of discoloration.
Cucumber has also been shown to lighten skin. Slice a fresh cucumber and place the slices over discolored areas for approximately 20 minutes. Potatoes also have skin lightening properties. Slice up a raw potatoe and place on your skin to even out your skin tone. Here is an easy home remedy to lighten your skin: Dry orange peels in the sun. Once dried, grind them up and add raw milk to make a paste. Apply this paste to your skin, let dry completely, and then rinse with lukewarm water.
Other ingredients that are natural and have been shown to lighten skin are: alpha arbutin, kogic acid, lemon extract, malachite extract, willow bark extract, vitamin A palmitate, passionflower extract, allantoin, and jojoba oil to name a few. These ingredients can often be difficult to find and can be expensive when purchased individually, so it is best to purchase a skin lightening cream that already has these natural ingredients included, such as Skin Bright. These skin lightening ingredients are all natural and are safe alternatives to dangerous chemicals such as hydroquinone and mercury.

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