home remedy for cold sores

Benefits of Using a Home Remedy for Cold Sores
While conventional treatments suit many, there are also benefits to using a home remedy for cold sores instead. At least one study, undertaken in Switzerland, compared a conventional treatment with a home remedy and found they were equally effective in reducing healing time. However, while home remedies are generally without side effects, many people do suffer unpleasant side effects from some of the over the counter and prescription drugs that are available. In addition, the cost of these treatments can be prohibitive to some, making the home remedies attractive in many ways.
home remedy for cold sores
One very simple home remedy involves the use of ice to treat a cold sore. Simply take an ice pack and hold it against the area in which cold sores appear when at the tingling stage to diminish the effects of an outbreak, even preventing the blister stage altogether, or hold against the blister or lesion once it has appeared to reduce discomfort and swelling. 30 minutes is all that is needed and the fact that almost every home has a ready supply of ice from the freezer means this is one home remedy that is always available.
Another very simple cold sore remedy is the use of tea to treat the lesions. Used in India for centuries to treat a variety of ailments, the tannic acid helps reduce swelling, ease pain and fight the virus responsible for cold sores. However, there are some other infusions that can also help, some examples of which are listed below:
Add boiling water to a mixture of astrugalus, hawthorne, echinacea, spearmint and peppermint and allow to stand of 5 minutes. This drink taken 3 times a day will help build the immune system and prevent a cold sore attack, or if taken after an outbreak has started will help heal faster.
A tea made from peppermint, stevia, senna, uva ursi, rosehip, orange peel, chamomile, hyssop provides protection from cold sores and boosts the immune system.
Chamomile tea has been used for centuries to sooth the nerves and can help with relaxation to promote healing.
As you can see there are several options when choosing a home remedy for cold sores that will help you heal faster without the expense or side effects from conventional treatments. Results can vary from person to person and you may need to try several different treatments before finding what works for you as an individual.

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