homeopathic remedies to stop smoking

Home Remedies Help Stop Smoking

You want to break the smoking habit without having to see specialists or having to endure the taxing process of medication, nicotine replacement products and counseling? Well our old folks and Asian neighbors have developed various home remedies that would help you quit the smoking, maybe even for good. They are as follows:
Eat foods high in base content- Alkaline is said to repress the urge to smoke. This works by changing the preference of taste in your taste buds. Somehow, our taste buds are conditioned to like the taste of smoke and the other substances and food we have associated with the habit. In India, people often use this technique to remove their craving for smoke. Boiled oats, particularly, are said to control opium addiction.
homeopathic remedies to stop smoking
The common end effect of alkaline treatment is that it decreases, to a high degree, the smoker’s cigarettes for both opium and cigarette. Aside from boiled oats, other alternatives include beet greens, figs, raisins, dried lima beans, spinach, almonds and dandelion greens.
Chinese people, on the other hand, resolve to juice solutions. For them, it is effective to mix 2 tsp honey and grated fresh radish. Radish effectively changes the inclination of the taste buds to like cigarette taste due to its bitter taste while honey gives a touch of sweetness to the drink.
For a very simplistic approach, you can lick salts with the tip of your tongue in case you feel the drive to smoke another stick.
Chewing something or holding anything in the smoker’s mouth almost always work in exchange for the habit created by the cigarette. Some people chew cigarette candy which mimics the actual material that they put in their mouths. Usually, it takes as much time to chew on the candy as with the smoking of the cigarette. People of the West Indies, however, prefer chewing on sugar cane stalks and licorice sticks. This is a very traditional approach to quitting cigarette for a very long time. One American doctor tried to put this into medical practice and worked well with his patients. While they may not be a bounty supply of sugar cane stalks in our part of the world, we could make a good use of the licorice sticks.
Cigarette cessation often has to deal with the oral fixation of smoking. The people of southeastern United States had made it a practice to nibble on birch tree branches in order to curb the urges of smoking.
Cutting down on the nicotine content of the cigarette will help a lot in the depreciation of want for nicotine. For Indians, who started smoking, tobacco is not the only ingredient of their smokes and smoking is not treated as an effective answer to boredom. Instead, it is used for rituals and more ceremonial events such as tribal meetings and nuptials. The thing is, what they smoke is not pure nicotine-bombarded tobacco. They integrate a lot of herbs to compensate for flavor and to limit the nicotine substance contained in a single tobacco. You can try it yourself. There are lots of herbal stores which sell herbal cigarettes while providing the same sensation. You can also roll your own fillers by mixing beech tree leaves which were largely used during the World War I, rosemary which was used by Englishmen n their cigarette mixtures, myrica gale which was popular among Norwegians, tonka beans, silk corn, licorice, marjoram and sage.
If you wanted to quit smoking with the group support of your officemates, here’s a good tip for you. Japanese people have yielded effective results keeping heir employees awake by circulating through the central air conditioning system certain essential oils such as cypress, lemon and peppermint. The good thing is it has its efficient side effect- it tends to curb the urge for these men to smoke. if you want, you can also use this action not to only help everyone ins your office quit smoking but to also keep everyone’s minds awake.
There’s no one smoker who do not want to break the habit but not everyone can do it. Also, not everyone could accept the fact that they should rely on more conventional products such as those we have referred earlier. Home remedies to stop the smoking habit would not only provide easy solutions but would also cut off, to a great extent, the expenses that would be incurred using other means for cigarette cessation.

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