how long does a cold sore last

How Long Does a Cold Last For and How to Shorten It

How long does a cold last for most people? Is there a set time to expect? Should it be over in a few days, or can it drag on for weeks? These questions are relevant, but cannot be answered easily. It all depends on you and how healthy you are.
Let’s look at what this means.
Health is measured not so much by what ailments you get, but how you react to them. If you frequently get colds, or any other ailments, if does tend to suggest your health is compromised. If your cold drags on beyond a few days, that can also mean the same thing. As it can if your cold symptoms are mild.
how long does a cold sore last
Health is measured in your immune reaction. A strong immune system will provide a strong reaction. So a cold with violent symptoms, but lasts only a day or two, indicates you have a good, strong immunity. Conversely, a cold with minor symptoms which drags on for days, even weeks, indicates a low immunity. It’s not the disease label that you need to worry about, it’s the state of your immune system.
Some of the things which can lead to this are a poor diet, a lack of time out or relaxing time, a lack of natural sunlight on your bare skin, insufficient sleep and a regular use of drugs, either medical or social, and vaccines. All these have the same effect on your immunity – they suppress it.
Things which boost your immune system are a healthy diet, based largely on plant based foods, daily intake of sunshine, regular and refreshing sleep and holistic health care, such as homeopathy. Homeopathic health care works by supporting your body’s best efforts at curing itself. It works in step. It is an extremely powerful and effective, but gentle modality of complete and natural health care.
You can also learn to use some of the common remedies at home, allowing you access to effective home prescribing when you’re ill in bed, and can’t make it to a clinic. This empowering aspect of homeopathic health care is particularly useful in times of colds and flu

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