how to get plumper lips

Lip Plump Options – What You Can Do to Get Plumper and Fuller Lips!

Are you ready to discover how you can get the full and sexy lips you have wished you had since you were old enough to care? Do you want the look that includes those sexy, pouty lips that many celebrities that you admire have? There are many lip plump options out there and you just need to know which ones come with risks, side effects, and pain and which ones do not.
how to get plumper lips
First, you could have someone punch you on a regular basis and have your lips swell up so that they are larger and juicier. However, this will obviously have some pain involved with it and you will also have to have this done on a regular basis. Of course, nobody is going to choose to be punched in the face on a regular basis to get pouty, full lips.
Second, if you want to use the best lip plump option you can simply find a lip gloss that is designed to make your lips look fuller and over time will naturally make them fuller. This will not take years upon years and there will be no side effects or pain involved. This is a great option if you are on a budget as well because this is not that expensive or hard to find.
Last, the other options that involve a lot of cash, pain, and possible side effects is to get your lips injected with collagen or to get full blown cosmetic surgery on your lips. These both come with recover periods, are not cheap, and will involve some level of pain. This is not the best way to go if you are on a budget or you are not comfortable with having your lips injected on a regular basis.

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