how to get rid of spots on skin

Skin Aging Spots – How to Get Rid

Your skin becomes more vulnerable to skin aging spots as you get older. The normal components of the skin that should protect you from the onslaught of the sun’s UV rays are now slowly depleting. When UV rays penetrate your dermis, this triggers an abnormal melanin production. Black, brown and red spots are the results of this pigmentation process.
Usually, the dark pigments appear only on the superficial layer of the skin. Invasive treatments such as freezing can get rid of the uppermost layer of the skin to remove the spots. It will then reveal whiter and blemish-free dermis underneath. But the fact that you are inadvertently making your skin a lot thinner makes this treatment unadvisable. If your skin has a tendency to form keloids, look for alternative treatments.
Lightening moisturizers are good alternative options. This is one way of getting rid of blemishes not only on the superficial layer of the skin but also in the deeper layers of the skin. If you want to get rid of the spots, look for moisturizers with the ingredients Extrapone Nutgrass, Phytessence Wakame, Maracuja and Babassu.
how to get rid of spots on skin
Extrapone Nutgrass is a bleaching ingredient. But what makes this different from other bleaching ingredients is that it does not make your skin photosensitive. It targets darker spots in the dermis first and lightens them up. In doing so, it also improves the softness and smoothness of your skin. There are a lot of acid-based bleaching ingredients popular in the market. One example is lemon extract. But because this is acid-based, you can easily burn in the sun when you are exposed to it for a prolonged period of time. In comparison, Extrapone Nutgrass can alleviate redness and sun rashes.
Phytessence Wakame is another ingredient you should look for. It can help get rid of harmful enzymes that populate the layers of the skin. These enzymes break down hyaluronic acid, an acid that is essential to the lubrication of collagen. With more hyaluronic acid in your dermis, it becomes more resilient to the sun’s damaging effects.
Maracuja is a special kind of passion fruit that is commonly found in Brazil. When experts conducted several clinical studies, they have found out that its emollient properties are actually similar to human skin. It can help get rid of dermis dryness. As for Babassu, this is an emollient that leaves an invisible protective layer on the surface of your dermis. This protective layer can ward off toxins, allergens and pollutants that can induce tissue damages.
Using home-made natural treatments, masks and scrubs can also get rid of skin aging spots. Just as long as you are using natural methods, you can never go wrong.

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