how to put on natural makeup

How to Put on Makeup – 4 Top Tips

No matter how much any woman will deny it, we will always love makeup. And once in our lives, we will try or get to use it. Therefore, it is such a great thing if we learn how to put on makeup by ourselves.
Some women simply can’t get enough of makeup and some use it for necessity in their work, while some simply cringe at the thought of using it or even attempting to lay their hands on it. But why? This is so because putting on makeup can be a little more complicated for some, compared to just putting on nothing, and setting off for appointments. But considering these reservations, we must know that basic make-up can be learned and perfected through time. After all, putting it sometimes can change the way we look at ourselves, and may affect the level of our confidence and personality.
We need to put make up on, not only because certain societal standards require so, but because it is a way of putting ourselves at a limelight of our own, not just for others to see, but for ourselves to take pride of. And whether it is a simple everyday make-up, or a striking evening make-up, it will surely highlight our facial assets and make us look and feel beautiful.Here are some basic pointers in putting make-up by yourself:
how to put on natural makeup
1. FOUNDATION – Whether it is a matte foundation, a liquid foundation or a cake foundation, the key is to find the perfect color that will blend with your natural skin color, and not to whiten it, or darken it. This way, it appears natural and complementing. In applying it, start with a small amount and spread it all over your face for even coverage. Also, take time to do this, and dont hurry up. The longer it takes to massage it on your face, the better and even it gets.
2. EYE MAKEUP – Eye makeup can be tricky and frustrating if we are not careful on using it. Always consider the kind of look that you want, and the amount of shade that you need, whether it is heavy or light. For basic eye make-up, always start with a base color, which means, the most neutral shade that you can see in your eyeshadow palette. It just creates a little glow all around your upper lids. After that, you may highlight your eyes by applying a darker shade of your choice (for basic, try brown shades or light pink shades) anywhere along your creaseline, or from above your upper eyelids to the creaseline. Blend the two colors together, and after that, curl your lashes to make your eyes look vibrant. Use mascara on your curled upper lashes, and also on your lower lashes, from tip to tip. You may also line your upper lids with eyeliner if you wish to.
3. BLUSH ON – When using blush-on for basic makeup, always choose a shade that looks like a natural shade for flushed cheeks, and apply them on the apple of your cheeks, straight to the direction of your ears. Too much blush on will make you look like a clown, so avoid that.
4. LIP COLOR – For basic lip colors, you may use something bold or something subtle, to your desire. But make sure that it complements your eyes. If the eyes have darker colors, mute your lip’s tint. A tip on making lipstick stay is putting on foundation on the lips before applying lipstick, or putting on a lipliner of the same shade first before your lisptick.
These tips are extremely helpful for basic makeup, but there is nothing as successful as learning how to put on makeup by yourself, than doing it occasionally at home, experimenting with colors that accentuate your face and features. Practice, practice, practice… it does logically make things perfect.
Vivian Timson is a cosmetic makeup devotee and has written many cosmetic related articles to help women look stunningly beautiful the natural way.

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