how to treat a cold sore

3 Tips on How to Treat a Cold Sore
Are you pestered by those little pesky little cold sores? You know the painful little sores that appear at the corner of your lips. These can be very embarrassing especially when they start to ooze gunk. When you get a cold sore, the only thing you want to do is hide under the bed for about ten days until they are gone. If you are wondering “how to treat a cold sore,” then we are here to help.
Most of us become infected by the herpes simplex type 1 virus, before we are teenagers, but in many of us the virus lies dormant for long periods of time, and sometimes even forever. But other people suffer from pesky little cold sores all the time. In fact, these little cold sores have become about as welcome as the visit from the mother in law. They are uncomfortable, and look really terrible. You cant hide under the bed for a full ten days, so you have to do something about these cold sores. If you are one of these people and you are worried about how to treat a cold sore, well we have a few remedies listed here, but the best thing you can do is prevent these cold sores even before they show up.
how to treat a cold sore
To prevent cold sores, you need to know what causes them to show up all of a sudden, without being invited. If you haven’t noticed yet, you tend to get a cold sore right after or during a cold, or a fever. This is because, when you get a cold, or a fever your immune system has become compromised, and is weak. Studies have found that when immune systems are down, then the herpes virus can become active.
To keep this from happening you need to keep your immune system strong. This is probably why it is recommended that you take vitamin C during the winter time to keep from catching a cold so easily.
If you realize that it is stress that causes the break out then you need to learn to control your stress levels. You can do this through stress management classes, yoga, meditation, etc.
When you do start to experience a cold sore coming on, it can be stopped! That is if you catch it quickly enough. A cold sore starts with a tingly feeling. If you catch it right then you can stop it, by applying ice, when you start to feel that tingly feeling. If you keep applying that ice about 5 times a day, then you will notice that the cold sore never fully develops. Great news! This means you don’t have to hide under the bed for ten days.
What happens if it got by you and its already erupting like a volcano? In this case you can make that terrible cold sore go away faster. First you need to keep it as dry as possible. Keep it clean too. Wash the area two to three times a day and pat dry. Then you can apply toothpaste to dry it out even faster.
Some people say that Neosporin works wonderfully on cold sores and makes them disappear within a day. Others don’t like the idea of putting an antibiotic on their face and would rather get rid of it much more naturally. If this is your case, then you might want to try to pat it with a wet tea bag. The tannic acid in the tea reduces the swelling and causes the cold sore to go away. This is all there is in how to treat a cold sore.

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