if you quit smoking

If You Quit Smoking You Enjoy These Benefits

The process of how to quit smoking is hard and long journey. Without the proper determination, this journey will come to a halt and will never be finished. Most smokers are aware that smoking is not healthy at all. Even with this knowledge, some smokers will still continue smoking. However, almost every smoker doesn’t know the benefits they can get from quitting smoking. Even non-smokers would be shocked to know that some of these benefits would immediately take effect. However, the most important benefits will take place later in the smoker’s life. The moment a smoker stops smoking, that smoker had just saved not only his/her own life but also the lives of many people.
if you quit smoking
A smoker who quits smoking can start enjoying some health benefits just after 20 minutes. The chemicals and additives in cigarettes can cause a higher blood pressure which can increase the risk of having a heart attack. Once the essence of cigarette is reduced in the body, the blood pressure will normalize. Another immediate effect takes place at the hands, feet and pulse of the smoker. Many may not know it but the act of smoking can lower the temperatures of both the feet and hand so expect it to rise to normal temperatures once smoking stops. Smokers who a refrain from smoking will also experience a normal pulse rate.
After 8 hours, unobservable health benefits will take place. One of which is the lower carbon monoxide levels in the body. The other benefit would be an increase of oxygen level in the blood which can help different organs to function properly.
2 days after smokers quit smoking, the sense of taste and smell will be back to its normal sensitivity. This is one of the most observable effects since smokers will be able to taste food better and would have a better nose for fragrances. Some smokers are used to having dull senses and this is why this effect can be a shocking experience to them. What they thought was normal was actually dull.
The best health benefits they can get are the lower risks of different cancers, heart diseases and experiencing strokes. These are long term benefits that will prevent death. A high percentage of smokers die from cigarette related illnesses. This is why quitting smoking can actually prolong the life of any person.
It is important for any smokers to quit smoking. They can’t keep on smoking forever and if they do so, they will be experiencing unhappy and short lives.

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