immediate stress relief

Stress Relief to Live Better

Stress relief is becoming a necessary part of life. It has become more commonplace as the economy has taken a hit and many individuals and families are experiencing financial hardships. Pressure can come from work or lack of it, family pressures, school, and other day-to-day activities. Yes, stress can come in many forms and have its detrimental side effects, as well.
Those who experience stress may have symptoms that can affect your health and your life. Some people cannot sleep while other oversleep. Tension may stick to an area such as your neck or back and cause pain and discomfort. You may experience lack of appetite or overeat foods that are not good for your health. Perhaps you are short tempered and snap at others.
No matter what, stress will eventually affect your health for the worse. Chronic stress may cause you to develop serious health problems including; depression, anxiety disorder, hypertension, hyperthyroidism, obesity and heart disease. Any of these can be life threatening if you don’t get a handle on your stress and how you respond to it. Here are some stress relief tips using relaxation techniques.
immediate stress relief
Try to keep a journal for about a week. Identify situations that are stressful to you and how you react to them. Write down even the smallest triggers or emotions that just seem like everyday living. For example; do you get overly excited about a seemingly mundane situation? Or do you snap at a waitress or your spouse of something as little as a distasteful meal? Keep track and then try to identify a pattern. If you can do this, you might more effectively choose a stress relief technique that will work best for you.
Another benefit of keeping a journal is that you may be able to identify things that trigger anxiety. Often, they are situations that we can start to alter such as the job or time constraints. Try to set priorities, meet goals, set a budget and stick to it, or do whatever it may take to begin to get a handle on your life.
As you are learning about yourself, start researching the various ways for stress relief techniques. Some immediate things that you may be able to do are seek therapy, talk to your doctor, change your diet to a more healthy one, and exercise. There are many relaxation techniques. The one you choose will be according to your personality and taste. Here are a couple of popular techniques to get you thinking.
Yoga is both physical and mental. It helps you to stretch and strengthen your body. Stretching can help relieve tension while exercise is an all around mood enhancer. Learning to do yoga also involves learning to connect your mind and body. This is beneficial for stress relief as you will eventually be able to identify when stress affects you physically. Once identified, you may be able to relax instead.
Meditation is a practice used by many to quiet the mind. There are many types of meditation styles from deep breathing to meditation with a group. The goal of meditation is to allow your mind to be clear of stress for a little while. Those who practice it and teach it say the more it is done, the easier it gets. And the more you do it, the easier it is to train your mind let go of anxiety and more effectively deal with stress.
Other techniques may include hypnosis, regular massage, biofeedback, systematic relaxation and cardiovascular exercise. Each one can work and more than one stress relief technique may be necessary. No matter what you do, do your homework and get started. Life is too short to let stress ruin yours. Take care of yourself for a healthier and happier life.

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