indoor tanning lotion

Indoor Tanning Lotion – Important Information
Tanning means different things to a lot of people. To some, it may remind them of wonderful memories by the beach, or perhaps a long vacation in a nice tropical country. While for others, it could mean a way of taking care of themselves and putting their best foot forward. Some people are lucky enough to have sun all-year round to keep them tanned. What about those places where people do not have the luxury of year-round sun?
Luckily, for those of us without the luck of living a beach lifestyle, using an indoor tanning lotion can help us maintain a beautiful tan every time. This type of tanning lotion is not to be confused with a bronzer or a sun block. A bronzer works by providing immediate color to the skin, while a sun block protects the skin from the harmful effects of the sun. This type of lotion on the other hand, works with indoor tanning beds in accelerating the production of melanin in your skin, in order to darken it according to the amount of tan that you want. It actually contains some melanin to further enhance your tan. This product is also safe to use with the acrylics that sun tanning beds are made of.
indoor tanning lotion
Meanwhile, mineral oils found in sun block could damage these beds and so it is strongly advised not to use sun block for indoor tanning. Although they are safe to use, you might experience some tingling effects, which differs from one product to the other. Up to now, they have not been able to classify the rate that one experiences this sensation when using this type of lotion because it varies according to your skin type. However, you should not worry when you begin to experience a mild tingle on your skin. This occurs because the product is already beginning to work on darkening your skin. It increases blood flow in order to accelerate the tanning process which is why you feel this sensation when using this type of product.
For extra precautions, consult with your dermatologist if the tingling sensation is causing you discomfort. In selecting the best tanning products, make sure that they also have moisturizers in them. You would need to keep your skin moisturized all the time because tanning, whether they are done indoors or under the sun, dries out your skin. In addition, your tan would look so much better with a hint of moisture in your skin.
After tanning, it is best to avoid the sun for some time because your skin still has some residue left from the tanning lotion which would further accelerate the effects of UV rays on your skin. After a few days, you may already bask in the sun as you normally do, but please remember to use extra sun block for your protection.

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