indoor tanning lotions

Indoor Tanning Lotions – How to Choose
Many people who have fair skin often want to get a good tan especially when summer is around. To them, summer means getting enough sunshine and a tan skin. But achieving a tan today is easier without the risks because one does not have to get exposed to the sun’s harmful rays. No need to go sunbathing outdoors and apply sun block lotion.
With the use of certain lotions, anybody can have a great tan. What’s essential is to do a little research about the available brands and their prices. By doing a comparison, you will be able to decide the right product to use that suits your skin type.
For the Beginner
Relax and take it slow. Your tan will look the best when achieved gradually. You need to use a tanning lotion because it will help your skin to absorb the UV, which will aid in the tanning process. Start with a few visits to prime your skin, and make sure you follow with a good moisturizer. Remember there is no sun block in these lotions. You may want to avoid anything with “sizzle” or “tingle” as they may be too intense for a beginner’s skin. Lotions with “sizzle” will cause reddening and itching of the skin which can last up to several hours depending on your skin type. You must also consider your skin type when selecting a tanning lotion. Do you have sensitive skin? Are you prone to acne breakouts? By starting the tanning process using a tanning lotion you will have a deeper, darker, longer lasting tan.
indoor tanning lotions
For the Advance Tanner
You most likely visit the salon on a regular basis so protecting your skin and maintaining your tan are priorities. Hopefully you are also following your tanning session with a good moisturizer as well. This will not only replenish your skin but will make your tan last longer. Try using a mild tingle lotion or a dark bronzer for an extra color boost. Look for anti-aging ingredients like shea butter, silicone, monoi, sweet almond, kukui nut and hemp seed oil that nourish and moisturize your skin.
You Get What You Pay For?
This is often true when it comes to choosing an indoor tanning lotion. The cheaper knock off bottles of lotion are tempting but is it worth the risk to your skin? Try to stay with the known and quality manufacturers (Designer Skin, Australian Gold, and others).
Do not get sucked in by a fancy bottle. There are some gorgeous designer bottles of tanning lotion out there cleverly created to draw you in, but don’t take the bait. Selecting the right tanning lotion can prove to be a crucial step in achieving your tan. Lotions in the salon average around $60, so base your decision on the ingredients, not the bottle.

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