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Insomnia and Sleeplessness – Can Yoga Help
Before we get to the answer, let’s first take a look at the definition of each word. Insomnia defined by the dictionary means the inability to sleep. Sleeplessness means not getting enough sleep as in too many things to do.
In many ways I don’t see a difference in either of them. Insomnia is typically stress related and if we’re experiencing sleeplessness it’s most likely because we have too much on our plate and we’re stressed because we can’t get enough sleep. Either way you look at it, we need to learn to manage our stress.
So back to the question, can yoga help insomnia and sleeplessness? According to a small Harvard study, practicing Yoga just 30 to 45 minutes a day helped people fall asleep 30% faster and reduced waking up at night by 35%.
insomnia help
Yoga Stretches for Insomnia and Sleeplessness
If practiced daily,Yoga can be a sleep aide and with just a few minutes of consistent breathing and only a few stretching poses. Stretching helps relieve tension and focusing on your breathing distracts you and brings you back into the present moment. Forgetting about all else around you.
Also creating a nighttime routine with Yoga stretching and breathing will help relieve tension, provide relaxation and give your body a bedtime signal. I have listed a few below that you can do laying in your bed just before you’re ready to go to sleep.
Happy Baby; Lay flat on your back, pull your knees into your chest. Reach between your legs and hold onto your heels. Continue holding this pose and relaxing into it while you consistently breath in and out through your nose. Hold and breathe for a few minutes then slowly release.
Goddess Pose; Lay flat on your back and allow your knees to fall gently to each side bringing the bottom of your feet together so they are touching. Place your hands gently on your belly. Relax your legs and hips throughout the stretch while breathing in and out consistently and through your nose. Again, hold this pose and breathe for a few minutes, then slowly release.
Savasana; This is my favorite. Lay flat on your back, your legs flat on your bed, your arms gently at your sides, palms up. Let your feet fall to the sides naturally. Keep breathing and concentrate on relaxing every muscle and part of your body from head to toe. Push out anything thoughts or tasks from your day. Focus on nothing but relaxing your body and breathing in and out through your nose consistently.
By managing our stress naturally we can possibly eliminate or at the very least ease our stress and distract our minds in order to remedy insomnia or sleeplessness.Yoga is also the perfect remedy if you are trying to avoid oral sleep aids. And the best part, Yoga is side effect free and is completely 100% hangover free!

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