insomnia remedies

Top 7 Insomnia Remedies
There are many remedies to insomnia but most people try all of them half heartily which means none of them work, in this article I show you the top 7 methods to curing your insomnia, ensure you try all of the below methods and check which ones work best for you.
1.) The first is diet, this is simply changing your diet to a more healthier one including drinking 2 litres of water daily and ensuring you are hydrated before you go to sleep. Remember not to drink any caffeine 5 hours before you are intending to go to sleep.
2.) Temperature you need to be the correct temperature if you are going to be able to sleep. If you are too cold your body will not let you sleep due to safety (evolution thing) and if you are too hot then you know it is very uncomfortable and difficult to sleep.
insomnia remedies
3.) Sound and Light, these are 2 of the most important factors when you are trying to get to sleep, if there is a lot of light around your body is programmed to by awake when it is light and asleep when its dark, so ensure your room is as dark as possible. Also ensure it is as quiet as possible and if you live near a busy room change bedrooms to the quietest one.
4.) Pills, I have to include the insomnia pills in this top 7 list as sometimes they can literally save someone’s life as if you cannot physically sleep your body will start to shut down which may be fatal in some situations. So for saving people’s lives insomnia pills go on this list.
5.) Relaxation, this can be any number of things that will simply relax you, this can be taking a warm bath or getting a deep relaxing massage, whatever you find relaxes and de stresses you.
6.) De-stressing is my sixth method, this is probably the most important one as if you can cure your stress you will also cure other unhealthy aspects of your life, such as high blood pressure etc, so removing the stress factors is probably the most important method on this list. To remove stress: simply remove the objects or change the things that are causing you stress.
7.) Finally – believe you can, this includes a number of aspects, first of all you need to believe that you will get to sleep otherwise in some sort of way you actually want to stay awake, this is why insomnia hypnosis works so well. But also get into a routine and sort out your biological clock, try to get 7 hours sleep a day if you struggle sleeping as the optimum amount is 9 but most people can function to almost 100% with 8 hours sleep a night.

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