is it easy to stop smoking

Why It Is Easy to Stop Smoking

Easy for Some
Some smokers wake up one day and decide there is not further point in them smoking and they just stop. They never have any cravings after that and they find the whole thing very easy. They usually express their story of stopping with an indifferent shrug about how it was no big deal. It is very annoying for a smoker who is trying and failing to quit. Why doesn’t it work that way for us! How have they ended up so lucky? Are they just lying?
True or False?
Are these people who find it easy just lying or did they really find it as easy as that, and if so, how did they get to such a place after all those years of smoking? Why didn’t they quit earlier? Have they tried and failed before? How does it work?
How it Works
If you look at all the various techniques to stop smoking you will find a group of books on the subject that attempt to deal with the reasons why smokers smoke. These books and courses and clinics try to show us the reasons why we are smoking and then they try to help us see how all those reasons are actually false. In technical terms, what is happening is a process of defusion from thoughts (Acceptance Commitment Therapy). Once you no longer accept that having a smoke will help you cope, relax, concentrate etc you run out of reasons to smoke. I have counted there are at least twenty six reasons why people smoke. but if a person no longer believes in any of those reasons any more, then they have no reasons left to continue smoking, so they just quit.
is it easy to stop smoking
Why is it Easy?
People who have run out of cognitive reasons to continue smoking find quitting easy because withdrawals from smoking is mostly just anxiety. Nothing to do with the effect of nicotine at all. Smokers feel intense anxiety because they believe smoking helps them in some way so don’t believe they can cope without smoking. That’s what makes it hard.
If a smoker no longer believes that smoking helps them with anything, they cannot have a panic attack about not smoking. Since there are virtually no actual, noticeable physical withdrawals from nicotine then of course quitting is easy. And so is staying stopped.
Some people figure out in their own minds that the reasons they have for smoking are nonsense. They figure this out naturally over time even while they are smoking. Most people don’t do this. Most people need help to do this through books or clinics.
I found trying to stop smoking absolute hell for years and years through countless attempts. Once I had worked through all my reasons with the help of books and clinics I found it very easy to stop and I don’t have cravings. It did not happen naturally for me!
I have developed a stop smoking plan that allows smokers to break free from their addiction while still smoking so that when they quit they will find it easy and realistically possible.

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