laser hair growth

Laser Hair Growth – Does This Work
Laser hair growth is one of the solutions that doctors rely on to regrow the lost hair. This invention is the fruit of many years of researches in this dermatological sub domain. Studies have shown that hair grows in a precise pattern, or cycle. Scientists have been pretty active working on their researches in this subject, hence its quick progress. Studies have shown that the hair life’s time is cyclical. This cycle lasts between three and two years. The hair growth stage of this cycle is the most important for laser hair growth, because that’s when it should be applied.
laser hair growth
The important discoveries helped scientists to regrow the dying hair in a safer and healthier way compared to the traditional solutions. Thousands of people have been reporting that they have noticed a significant progress in their hair’s condition ever since they started the laser therapy. You have the possibility to try the laser hair growth either at home or in a medical center. For the latter alternative, you can buy a special device designed for home use. All you need to do is to follow the manufacturer’s instructions. In most cases, buying this device requires a doctor’s prescription. Otherwise, using it is at your own risks. The laser hair growth procedure is plain simple.
The first thing you have to do, either going to do this treatment at home or in a clinic, is to visit a doctor. In this stage, the physician will examine your hair in order to determine in what part of the growth cycle your hair is, and whether or not it is possible for you to go for this therapy. The second major part of the process is the treatment itself. If it is done in clinic, then you will have several visits during a period of time which your doctor will set after the examination. The frequency of your visits depends on the condition of your hair. The way the laser hair growth operates to regrow the fallen hair is not that complected. The deep understanding of the life and death of hair gave scientists a brilliant yet basic idea on how to get back the lost hair using laser technology.
The studies have shown that once the hair follicles are dead, it is impossible to get them back. There is no technology, to this day, that is capable of resurrecting, so to speak, the dead hair follicles. So, what the laser does to the hair is that it uses the very same wavelength of the energy that hair growth requires in order to increase the blood flow, which in turn will stimulate the dead hair follicles. Be it a home therapy or a clinical treatment, almost every laser based technology that specialists use to regrow hair, uses the very same procedure described above.

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