laser hair remove

Laser Hair Removal Patients
Laser hair removal involves a doctor using a singular wavelength that acts upon the melanin found within the follicle. Once applied, there will be unseen inflammation that is caused by the follicle taking in the light, which forces the shaft to no longer produce growth for an extended period of time. Treatment can take up to six months with the use of up to eight sessions in order to display lasting results.
When it comes to this process, new patients usually have two concerns about the possible success of the procedure. They want to know more about the two components of the process — preparation and insight into the steps of the actual procedure. This is because quite a few patients have repeatedly heard that if the reduction process is not administered by a licensed professional or if, as the patient, they do not properly follow pre-procedure and post-procedure steps for successful take, then they could end up with ingrown follicles and an unsuccessful situation.
laser hair remove
When it comes to the use of laser hair removal, there are two main components to taking on this maintenance method. The first step is the preparation that the patient undergoes prior to procedure day. This step is predominately for prevention of activities that stunt a successful process. The number one activity is tanning by sunlight, sprays, or creams. During initial consultation, patients are advised to keep away from tanning for four to six weeks preceding the procedure. Next, sun exposure is also to be minimized for the duration of the patient’s laser hair removal treatments. The most important aspect of the preparation stage is that the patient has a productive follicle shaft. So, other manipulation or elimination methods must also be seized between two to four weeks before the procedure, depending upon the body part to which it was applied.
Before you, as a future patient, can commit to treatment you want to know that you have found the best facility and physician to help you. Your professional technician will explain to you that the effectiveness and lasting impression of laser hair removal varies from patient to patient. So, it is important to prepare properly and select the wavelength strength that is the best for the type of fine to coarse mane that you possess. Aside from electrolysis for permanent loss, laser hair removal is an important aspect of taking care of your skin and giving it a nice youthful, non-hairy glow. It helps you feel more confident about your facial features. It also helps you to continue to wear your sleeveless dresses and tops, shorts, and skirts year-round.

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