lip exfoliator

3 Steps on How to Get Rid of Scaly Lips – Exfoliate and Get Ready to Flaunt the Sexy Smile

Are you suffering from scaly lips? Here are three steps that will surely bust off your problem:
oApply some moisturizer on your lips.
oGet a toothbrush and massage the moisturizer in a circular motion.
oWipe the excess moisturizer.
What happens is that the toothbrush exfoliates your lips, making them extra soft and kissable.
lip exfoliator
Lip problems take place and they can have many causes. In the cold winter months, you will see that you have more lip problems. The sun, wind, and the dry and cold air can take the toll on your pout. Another culprit could be your breathing through the mouth. Getting yourself dehydrated can cause them to be cracked and dry. Your lipstick, moisturizer, and lip balm can be a cause of major irritation. There are a lot of different types of chemicals in lip balms that can be addictive.
Here are a few tips for you:
oBear in mind that whatever you put on your lips will end up getting eaten. Whether it is lipstick, lip balm, or moisturizer, it will end up in your stomach before the end of the day. There were even estimates as to how many pounds of lipstick and other cosmetic lip products women take it as a result of applying these regularly.
oVaseline is not a completely safe choice, either. It is petroleum-based and ingesting the chemical is not good for the body. Remember that petroleum is crude oil. It is true that you will end up with shiny lips; but it can also give you zits and may cause breakouts. The same is true with mineral oil and petrolatum. They will only seal in any bacteria that are present.

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