lip plumper recipe

Lip Plumper Recipe

Just like the skin on our face, believe it or not our lips age too. They lose collagen and the subcutaneous fat within the lips. They are also prone to damage from free radicals. The lips begin to thin and the Cupid’s bow (the v-shape on the top lip) begins to flatten out. To prevent and/or reduce aging be sure to moisturize, exfoliate and protect.
Whether your lips have thinned from aging or just genetically thin, lip plumpers can plump up the lips. Full, well defined lips add so much to your overall facial expression and define the face. The lips in social settings are the most noticed features of our face next to the eyes.
There are many types of plumpers on the market, so before you run out a purchase a lip plumper, it is best to know the different types and how they work.
There are vitamin based plumpers, collagen enhancing products, and plumpers that cause skin irritation thus causing the lip to swell.
lip plumper recipe
Vitamin based plumpers are just that, they are enriched with vitamins. One example is Cushy Lips, it contains B, and Vitamin E along with other natural ingredients to increase blood flow thus plumping up the lips.
Collagen enhancing plumpers increase the collagen in the lips thus producing a fuller lip. These types of treatments are known to be somewhat effective however they take regular use over time for the effects to be seen.
Irritant plumpers contain ingredients that are known to irritate the lip. Thus the skin swells and produces a fuller lip. Below is a homemade recipe to make a plumper.
Place two to three tablespoons of petroleum jelly in small container. Take small equal amounts of cayenne pepper and cinnamon powder and add it to the petroleum jelly. Stir gently with toothpick.
Important: always apply this this recipe on top of a lip balm. Apply with a cotton swab. Never apply to sunburned, dry or cracked lips. Start in small doses with the equal parts of pepper and powder and try it. If there is no burn sensation then it is not strong enough.
Cosmetic plumpers are lip liners that when applied outside of the lip line gives the appearance of fuller lips. Makeup bases are also used so that when lipstick is applied it also gives the appearance of fuller lips. There are also other tips and techniques for cosmetic plumper’s such as adding just a touch of gloss in the middle of the bottom lip.

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