How to Choose the Best Red Lipstick

It is very important to choose the best red lipstick. Ladies love to put on makeup but when it clashes it can be less than complimentary. The purpose of wearing these products is to point out the natural beauty of the lady’s facial features. Just the right touch on the lips and around the eyes can make any woman look stunning!
Ladies who have olive skin will need certain shades to point out their natural beauty. Olive colored skin will look great with some of the hot shades of crimson. A little orange undertone can be the perfect touch for women with this type of skin. Wearing the best red lipstick for your olive skin will give you a sexy, even exotic, look. Coral shades are usually perfect for ladies with this type of skin. But if you have the personality to go with it, fiery shades can make you stand out in a crowd. It can have the orange or yellow undertones as well. Actually the darker the skin, the brighter the product can be and still be very tasteful and stunning.
Women who have pale skin are categorized into two classes. One type of pale look has bluish tones and the other has a warmer tone. For ladies with cool hues the best red lipstick for them will be shades that are very close to pinks, blues, teals, or white. Choose the types that have blue undertones. The lips will not appear to be blue, but it will carry a hint of that undertone.
And for ladies whose pale skin has warm undertones earthy colors will have a great effect. Mustard, terra cotta or rust will be some of the better shades of reds for them to wear. Choosing the right shades will brighten the entire face and change your overall appearance. Most of the time mauve or berry shades will work well for both of these types.
What about the ladies who are more of a medium tone? What are they supposed to do to look as stunning as the other ladies? They are not out of luck; go with shades of brown for the best look.
As you can see there really is something for everyone with this product line. It is all about choosing the colors that go best with your skin, hair and eyes. Finding the perfect combination is well worth the time invested. Try a few out, and do not be afraid to try a couple that is not normally suggested for your skin type. It may be that your complexion can still handle the compliment! These are a few ideas on how to find the best red lipstick that will work for you.

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