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Simple Solutions For Low Cholesterol Cooking

Many of the people that are told by their doctor that they need to lower their cholesterol are aghast at the fact that they will need to change their dietary habits to improve their health. What these people do not understand is that cooking can be very simple and easy to accomplish. If the person is already well versed in different ways of preparing food, adapting their cooking style to low cholesterol cooking will be a breeze with a few simple tips and tricks.
Choosing The Foods
low cholestrol
The most important part of cooking is choosing the foods that you will be using to make the meal. Low cholesterol cooking does absolutely nothing if the foods that are chosen are not naturally low in cholesterol to begin with. You can even make a low cholesterol dessert if the ingredients chosen to create the dessert are low cholesterol before they are used in the recipe. The amount of cholesterol in any given ingredient can be found either on the packaging of the food, in a book that counts the amount of cholesterol in different food items, or on an internet website dedicated to detailing the cholesterol levels in different foods.
There are certain foods that are very popular for low cholesterol cooking. Lean meats and seafood items are always a favorite because very little needs to be done to bring out the natural flavor of the meat. Fresh, non-processed vegetables are also extremely popular for making meals that are low in cholesterol because they have the most nutrition and require very little preparation for them to be edible. There are also many manufactured foods that can be used and will generally have low cholesterol somewhere on the label to attract consumers that are trying to reduce the amount of cholesterol in their daily diet.
Cooking Styles
Some cooking styles are more common to low cholesterol cooking than others. One of the most common cooking methods used for low cholesterol cooking is grilling. Grilling allows meats and vegetables to be cooked completely without adding anything, like butter or oils, that could increase the amount of cholesterol in the food. Grilling also allows any fats in the meat to drain away, reducing the overall fat content in the meat.
Cooking in the oven can be accomplished by broiling the foods under the broiler until they are cooked all of the way through. This is kind of like grilling in reverse, where the heat source is above the food instead of beneath it. Steaming the foods is another good idea, although this technique is mainly used for cooking vegetables.

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