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Calorie Shifting Diet Sample Meal Plan

A calorie shifting meal plan sounds like a complicated way to eat but in this article I will break down what calorie shifting is, how and why it works and provide a calorie shifting sample meal plan. Calorie shifting is a simple process where you change and alternate your calorie intake by eating different foods in very specific combinations. An example would be to eat 1000 calories one day followed by 1400 calories the next day then back down to 1100 calories then again back up to 1600 calories.
This would be an very broad example of calorie shifting. What happens when you calorie shift is your bodies metabolism is forced to work hard than usual because it has no idea what rate to burn calories at so it essentially goes into overdrive. A good analogy for this would be muscle building. When you lift weight you have to lift weights that are either more or different than what you previously lifted. If not there is no reason for your muscle to grow. To get muscle to grow you give it constant stimulus and keep it off balance so to speak. This is the same wayou calorie shifting works. If done right it can put your metabolism into overdrive and cause it to burn more calories and fat than normal.
A Few Rules To Follow When Following A Calorie Shifting Meal Plan:
low fat diet menu planner
80% Rule: DO NOT eat till you are full. Over time you will know what this feels like but only eat till 80% full.
Eat 4-5 Meals: Instead of 3 bigger meals eat 5-6 smaller meals
Water: Drink LOTS of water. Aim for half your bodyweight in ounces.
Sample Meal Plan:
Day 1:
10am 1 apple cut in slices 1/2 cup roasted unsalted cashews 1/2 cup fat free cottage cheese
1:30pm 1/4lb roast beef 1 can tuna mixed with some mayonnaise steamed broccoli/zucchini/squash one can diet rootbeer
5:30pm broiled orange roughy filet with lemon pepper and parsley 1/4 cup unsalted walnuts
8:30pm 10 small shrimp w/lemon and cocktail sauce 4 slices English cheddar cheese 1/4 cup pinto beans
Day 2:
10am Roast beef sandwich: 2 slices of oat bread, homemade sliced roast beef (up to 3 oz.), tomatoes, iceburg lettuce, sweet white onions, 1 tbsp mayonnaise low fat one diet rootbeer at any time during the day except at night.
For the rest of your meals at 1:30, 5:30 and 8:30 you will only be eating fruit. You can eat as much as you want but ONLY eat till you are not hungry, not till you’re full! That’s very important. You will need to eat slower so your body has time to tell you when it’s full.
You are allowed to eat pears, apples, strawberries, oranges and plums
You can eat just 1 fruit or you can combine them all. But, do make sure you mix them up. Don’t eat just 1 of them for your next 3 meals.
This may seem weird but it is party of the CALORIE SHIFTING program. This IS based on an established and very effective dieting technique that has been proven to work. Hopefully you read my explanation above to learn more.
Day 3
10am 6 strips smoked bacon (broiled crips) 2 egg omelette with garlic and skim milk
1pm The “Big” Salad – Iceburg lettuce, mixed baby greens, roma tomato, sliced sweet onion, sliced red pepper, sliced zuchini, cubed roast ham, 1 oz boneless skinless chicken breast, Lite vinaigrette.

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