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Low Thyroid – Natural Remedies and Supplements

If you, like me, are suffering from a low thyroid (known as Hypothyroidism) it is essential to know what do to get your body back on track and functioning properly.
I first realized I had a low thyroid problem when my weight started to creep up and my hair started to feel dry and easily breakable. My energy levels started to crash more and more often and I knew something had to be wrong. After consulting a doctor I was diagnosed as having a low thyroid problem.
This lead me to look into many different foods, natural treatments and supplements for my hypothyroidism problem.
In this article I will list 6 of the low thyroid natural remedies and supplements that helped me to lose weight and send my energy levels soaring.
low thyroid supplement
So let’s get going:
1. Siberian Ginseng: This is great for the adrenal and thymus glands treating these goes hand in hand with improving the functioning of the thyroid.
2. Black Cohosh will work wonders for balancing your oestrogen levels and can also be helpful for controlling your thyroid gland function.
3. Mullein can be extremely useful in case of the occurrence of goitre which is a swelling of the thyroid gland. This is because it covers and protects the cells and reduces the inflammation.
4. Agnus castus is beneficial for the pituitary gland. It can also help balance oestrogen which can often stifle regular thyroid functions.
5. Spirulina is fantastic for boosting energy and also is a known thyroid regulator. A highly recommended herb that can be found in many top supplements!
6. Vitamin B complex is a must for a low thyroid natural treatment. Taking this as a supplement in pill form is very common among sufferers of hypothyroidism. Vitamin B is for increasing energy levels and halting those energy crashes.
So there we have it, 6 of the best low thyroid natural remedies and supplements to alleviate your hypothyroidism. I hope you’ve found this useful and will use this advice to help you lose weight (if you need to), increase your energy levels and get you feeling like YOU again.

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