luscious lip plumper

Get Luscious and Fuller Lips with Lip Plumper

Voluptuous pouts accentuate the charm and sensuousness of a woman. However, neither all are blessed with those Hollywood class pouts nor all are willing to opt for the painful surgical option to get those adorable pouts. Thanks to the ongoing research and development in the world of beauty and cosmetics, now you have advanced lip care products such as a lip plumper that would do all the magic you need in an instant.
luscious lip plumper
A lip plumper works instantly as you apply it on your lips. The lip fusion plumper is a revolutionary product that provides instant plumping effect to your lips providing them with the much coveted voluptuousness. The unique triple action formula of lip fusion plumper combines Nature and science to provide your lips with instant plumping effect and longer lasting fullness while at the same time ensuring that your lips are deeply nourished. You can apply the plumper before applying your lipstick or just leave it on your lips to keep them naturally luscious, fuller and well moisturized.
The natural ingredients that the lip fusion plumper contains include shea butter, bees wax, natural cacao, vegetable glycerine, vitamins, rape seed and olive oil. While the shea butter has anti inflammation properties that stimulate the healing process in injured human tissues, olive oil has been known for ages to soften dry and chapped skin. Bees wax has soothing qualities and cacao butter & glycerine are just excellent for dry and chapped skin. Vitamin E, on the other hand, is an antioxidant and protects the skin against UV and ageing.
While the natural ingredients nourish your lips, the dehydrated microspheres of Hyaluronic Filling Spheres ensure better penetration resulting in filling up of lips with water already present in the lip tissues. The physical changes attained by the use of the lip fusion plumper stay there for at least six hours. The other key components of the lip fusion plumper are tripeptides that provide the lips with improved volume, better hydration, enhanced lip contour, color and fullness. These peptides further strengthen the collagen fibers and make your hydrated depots filled in a natural way.
It’s recommended that you use the lip plumper for at least 30 days on regular basis to ensure great results.

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