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Makeup Tips For Plus Size Women

As a plus size woman myself, I spent my twenties feeling self-conscious about my looks. I never wanted to call attention to myself by wearing flashy clothes, much less wear colorful makeup. For example, I never dared a smoky eye makeup look even though I wanted to. I was too embarrassed.
Fortunately, I grew up and dealt with these soul-destroying issues. Growing older helps a lot. I am still a plus size woman but today I embrace my looks and love taking care of myself. Oh what a joy to try different makeup looks and techniques.
For those women who are struggling with the way they feel about themselves, I know too well the feeling of low self-esteem and lack of assertiveness. Just have faith that life’s journeys will help you break out of your shell eventually and give yourself the love and respect you deserve.
Until that day arrives, here are a few helpful tips.
make up tips make up tips
1) Realise that makeup does not HAVE to be flashy and bright. You can still put on your face, even a complete coverage look, and still look natural. You can still have fun with makeup. For all those years, I didn’t dare wear anything because I thought I would look ridiculous with any colors on my eyes or face. I didn’t realise neutral makeup was practically invisible and would just make me look better.
2) Use clever face makeup application techniques to slim your face. There are makeup techniques you can use to slim your cheeks, diminish your double chin or straighten your nose. You can work wonders with a simpler bronzer on your face.
3) Opt for a neutral eye makeup look. Go for shades that are beiges, nudes, pastel browns etc. Keeping your makeup looking natural will not make you feel like you are on display. A lovely neutral look will highlight your best features without calling attention to you.
4) Don’t use shimmery makeup colors. Go for mattes, especially for your neutral eye look.
5) If you really can’t face any eye or face makeup at all, just apply some mascara and a lipgloss. That alone represents a groomed face.
6) Invest in a self tanning lotion or a tanning session at the salon. A tan makes EVERYONE look better and slimmer. If you don’t want to tan your body, just do your face. But don’t overdo it! A “light” glow is all you need and will look fantastic when you wear your lipgloss.
7) Use the oldest makeup trick to brighten up tired eyes. Line your lower water line with a white eyeliner pencil. Nobody will notice but your eyes will look more alert and attractive.
Whatever you decide, go with what makes you feel comfortable. Don’t give in to pressures from fashion magazines or television commercials. You have to face the world, not the models in the ads pages.

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