men body hair removal

Body Hair Removal For Men
It used to be that only women cared about removing hair from their face and bodies because it was thought to be unfeminine. However, more men are now removing body hair as well. Being involved in sports probably dictated this trend as athletes wanted to remove hair in order to be more aerodynamic in timed events. The look grew popular and it moved into the fashion arena as how men are supposed to look. Metrosexuals, men who care about their appearance and fashion, all have shaved chests or sculpted chests. The term manscaping accurately describes the care in grooming chest and body hair.
men body hair removal
It should also be said that if women did not enjoy this look, then men would not do this form of body grooming. In previous decades, manly men with hair on their chests graced picture spreads of magazines. The name Burt Reynolds comes to mind with his nearly nude centerfold appearance in the Cosmopolitan magazine which has a subscription base of predominantly women. Now, a more body streamlined and sophisticated look can be seen on covers with David Beckham as the ultimate hairless metrosexual.
Even if women debate whether or not they prefer their men to have chest hair or not, one thing that most women will not tolerate is excessive back hair. For that, help is needed from professional estheticians. Long term hair removal options for men with hairy backs are electrolysis and the laser. Both options can be costly but the lifestyle differences are enormous.
Since the trend is for men to become better groomed, electrolysis or laser hair removal for men are highly recommended to attract the ladies!

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