Muscletech Supplement Company Review
With the enormous number of bodybuilding supplements around nowadays, it seems as though a new supplement company is popping up every day, and rightly so. While the few pioneers lead the way in the industry, ever innovative and powerful, the hundreds of lemmings on the lower rungs of the chain attempt to follow suit. One such pioneer is bodybuilding supplement and nutrition company Muscletech.
Muscletech as a company has been around for many years and first began gaining popularity with products such as Nitro-tech protein powder, cell tech creatine and the now famous Hydroxycut, sworn upon by bodybuilders across the globe for fat loss and lean muscle retention.
At the foundation of Muscletechs success has been a team of highly skilled researchers responsible for the inclusion of muscle tech supplements in over 100 scientific journals, not to mention the development of a product line containing over 30 unique products.
Muscletech sponsors such athletes as Mr Universe Jay Cutler, Paul Dillet and Scott Milne, as well as TV presenter Carol Grow.
Recently however there has been large buzz surrounding the Muscletech company after the release of a trio of supplements that are stated to be a breakthrough in bodybuilding supplementation.
The three supplements, creakic, gakic, and Leukic, are amino acid compounds combined with various other compounds that are proven to create dramatic effects on the muscle gaining capabilities of the human body. Far from your every day protein or creatine powders, these three are biochemically enhanced, intracellular stimulants with anabolic effects said to come as close as possible to the use of actual steroids except with no side effects and no negative outcomes to be heard of.
Supposedly after 8 years of scientific study, the products have been released to the bodybuilding world and the results not only from potentially biased marketing material but also from real world users in forums and chat groups seem to be overwhelmingly positive.
Also noteworthy is the fact that Muscletech seem so committed to the spread of these three new products that they have taken out patents to prevent the copy or redistribution of their unique formulas. Even with supposed unique new formulas popping up each day it is rare that a company invest the time and money to take out an official statement and it stands as a testament to their desired results for these products that they would take such action.
As with most good things you can expect to pay a little more for Muscletech supplements but with a reputation and backing like theirs you can be pretty confident that you’re going to get

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