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How to Get the Most From Your Mystic Tan
Sure, following Mystic guidelines of when to exfoliate and shower are great ways to maintain that natural looking Mystic Tan and to achieve better results from your session. However Darque Immersion Tanning carries the Mystic Prestige Line, which is an array of products that are designed to help you achieve and maintain that perfect tan at home long before, and after your Mystic session in the salon.
Mystic care starts before you even enter the Mystic booth. With Mystic Prestige Line’s Base products, you are able to prime your skin for the perfect tan; because the perfect tan starts with the perfect base.
“EXFOLIATOR” is a skin refreshing body wash with Aloe Vera and exfoliating micro beads. This blend refines and prepares the skin before the sunless tanning session. Exfoliating sloughs off dead skin cells and unclogs pores; this allows for better penetration of active ingredients and makes your Mystic tan last longer.
mystic tan
“ACCELORATOR” is a skin conditioning complex that accelerates the desired sunless results while adjusting the skin’s PH, and balancing its moisture level, which are essential for natural-looking results. This used prior to your Mystic session will provide the darkest and longest lasting results. People who like to double dip with a UV session prior to Mystic use this as their lotion to get maximum results.
“HYDRATOR” is a skin nourishing lotion that is applied immediately before your Mystic session to instantly hydrate your skin. This unique blend of moisturizers continuously balances moisture levels throughout the entire development process. It maximizes absorption for longer lasting results.
Mystic Prestige Line also has the Perfect Sunless Tanning Kits to aid in prolonging and keeping your Mystic tan looking its best! There is a kit specialized for your face and one for your body. They both come with ACCELORATOR, BUILD (which is the same patented, quick drying, deep penetrating Mystic formula just in a spray can form. It’s used to touch up your perfect Mystic tan to keep it looking as fantastic as day one) and BOOST. Boost is a vitamin enriched daily skin nourishing lotion that boosts your sunless tanning results. It prolongs and intensifies the life of your Mystic session, as well as enhancing the look and feel your skin.

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