natural carbohydrate blocker

Straight Talk Carbohydrate Blockers

For years Chemists have been trying to come up with a formula that would allow consumers to eat high carbohydrate high fat foods without gaining weight. Just look down the chip aisle at local your food mart. How mush money would any of those companies pay to truthfully say to you, eat all you want you’ll not gain a pound.
The truth is your body breaks down complex starches and oils into simple sugars in your digestive system with the use of enzymes called alpha amylase. These enzymes are made in your pancreas and secreted into your saliva and intestines. The problem chemists have is how to stop the action of these enzymes. Well leave it to mother nature to do what the chemists can not. Phaseolus Volgaris a chemical found naturally in of all places White Kidney Beans does exactly that. It stops the enzymes in your body from breaking down the starches in the white kidney beans into simple sugars.
natural carbohydrate blocker
The next trick is to be able to control your body’s glucose levels so you do not feel light headed and grumpy. This is were the silvery grey mineral Vanadium comes into play. Vanadium has two very special properties that make it a great dietary supplement. First its found in many organisms and is used by some life forms as an active enzyme to control blood glucose levels. Second it’s used in metallurgy to prevent corrosion witch makes it a natural antioxidant.
By blocking your carbohydrate intake these ingredients well help your body slowly lose its cravings for carbohydrates and allow the PH level in your body to change so that it well feed on stored fats instead. The trick then becomes training your mind to like healthier foods. That’s the hard part. So if you want a all natural dietary supplement that well prevent your body from turning carbohydrates into simple sugars and control and maintain your bodies glucose levels the ingredients Phaseolus Volgaris and Vanadium are a must.
At Healthy Life Choice Herbal Store we sell a product called Dietrine Carb Blocker witch is loaded with all the Phaseolus Volgaris and Vanadium you’ll need to control your cravings for carbohydrates while dieting. We also recommend a supplement like Acai Berry to provide your body with low calorie nutrition. Remember were here for you at Healthy Choice Herbal Store.

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