natural organic make up

Organic Make-Up Products
There are many types of organic make-up products that are available such as Green Tea Facial Cleanser,Olive Oil Soap, Shea Butter and JoJoBa (HoHoBa) Facial Cream.
Green Tea Facial Cleanser is a product that combines the soothing properties of a lotion type cleanser. This product will remove impurities from the skin. It is the first step in a 3 step daily skin regimen, developed to keep even the most sensitive skin feeling clean and comfortable.
Cucumber Facial Toner is the second step in the 3 step daily regimen. It refreshes the skin by using our calming nonalcoholic cucumber facial toner. It was developed to regulate the pH balance in your skin after cleansing and it also improves moisture absorption.
Another example is Olive Oil Soap. Unlike soaps leave a dry tight feeling this moisture rich Olive Oil Soap leaves skin soft and smooth. Another name for it is Castile Soap. Importation of the Olive Oil Soap goes back as far as 1567 or 1568.
Another popular facial scrub is JoJoBa (HoHoBa) Facial Scrub. This facial scrub gently exfoliates with JoJoBa Beads while the richly emollient base of coconut, grape-seed and avocado provide balancing moisture. Use 2 to 3 times a week after cleansing to reveal radiant skin.
natural organic make up
Olive Oil Body Lotion is a highly moisturizing formula that will leave skin silky smooth and unscented. It is a heavenly treat for moisture parched skin.
Shea Butter creme is another organic make-up product, It comes from Africa. Outside of Africa it has many different uses. It is used in cosmetics such as moisturizing creams and emulsions and hair conditioners for dry and brittle hair. It is also used by soap makers typically in small amounts (5 to 7%) of the oil in the recipe, because of its property of leaving a small amount of oil in soap. Shea Butter has a wide range of amazing components like vitamin A and E and cinnamic acid to name a few.It has also been shown to have anti-inflammatory capabilities and has been used for these benefits for hundreds of years. It can also be used for healing wounds and scars. Other uses are for healing eczema,burns,rashes,severely dry skin and to lessen the irritation of psoriasis.
There are many different varieties of Shea Butter extract and moisturizing oils that can be purchased for use. Similar treatments at a luxury spa could cost $ 60 to $100.00.
There are many organic products that can be used for kids and babies. For babies there are lotions, baby wash, baby powder, natural baby oil and nursery room sprays. These baby washes are made with organic liquid Castile soap and lavender essential oil that is sulfate free. The all natural formula is sure to please both parent and baby. Some baby washes can be used for baby shampoo.
Baby lotions are also free of harsh chemicals. It is nontoxic as well as mineral free. The lotion is made with moisturizing ingredients like olive oil and aloe vera. There is baby powder that is talc free and comes in travel sizes too.
Lastly there is natural baby oil, which contains shea butter, olive oil, and apricot kernel oil. This formula is is perfect for gently massaging baby and for relieves dry skin from chafing.

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